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Part Number: Q5256DW
Model Name: Carrying Cases/Holsters
Manufacturer: Agora
Category: Accessories
Description: UltimaCase by Agora, Accessory, Holster for Zebra (Formerly Motorola / Symbol) MC55 / MC65 / MC67 Mobile Computers (with or without Antenna)
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Agora Carrying Cases / Holsters

Next to personal computers, bar code scanners have increased productivity and convenience in many aspects of industrial, commercial, and retail operations in almost all industries. Portable wireless scanners are even more useful since these can be carried to the point of use.

But to carry these scanners or portable data terminals (PDTs) around, you need Scanner Holsters or PDT Cases by Agora Leather Products. Our PDT cases are most times used as operating cases (Op cases), but sometimes these are also used as storage and carrying cases. Our holsters are normally worn by the users and the terminals need to be removed from these holsters for use.

We design and manufacture Scanner holsters to protect the scanners from accidental bangs and drops, to protect scanner lenses from getting scratched, and for quick access to scanners.

Agora Leather Products offers Wearable, ForkLift Mounted, and Wall Mounted versions of the scanner holsters. Of these, wearable holsters are by far the most in use.

Each Scanner holster is uniquely designed to enhance the specific requirements of a scanner. They are manufactured from durable and wear resistant materials like Nylons, Polyducks, Polyesters, Neoprenes, and Leathers.

Depending on the application requirements, they are designed:

  • with or without flaps
  • for left or right handed use
  • have cutouts for pistol grips
  • retaining straps for accidental drop protection
  • tethers to prevent drops
  • and pockets for carrying spare batteries.

Our holsters offer almost endless mounting options including:

  • belt loops
  • fixed belt clips
  • plastic swivel belt clips
  • stainless steel belt clips
  • D-swivels
  • 360 degree swivel discs, among others.

Scanner holsters by Agora Leather Products are designed by our innovative and experienced in-house design group, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, and are guaranteed by our team of dedicated associates. They are used worldwide by delivery personnel, retail associates, warehouse and distribution employees, manufacturing employees, and healthcare professionals among others.