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Alien Technology ALR-9900+ EMA Enterprise RFID Reader

Alien Technology ALR-9900+ EMA Enterprise RFID Reader

High Performance, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage
The ETSI compliant Alien® ALR-9900-EMA Enterprise Category Reader supports the latest EN 302-208-2 four channel plan, enabling users to deploy manageable, robust, best in class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications.

This feature-rich reader delivers exceptional performance with best-in-class receive sensitivity, enhanced interference rejection, Dynamic Authentication, a monostatic antenna architecture and a compact footprint, delivering high read rates for demanding applications in an easyto- integrate, easy-tomanage package.

Interoperable and Broadly Supported
Alien pioneered the network-ready EPC RFID reader with the widely-supported Alien Reader Protocol. The ALR- 9900-EMA is supported by key RFID platforms including Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM WebSphere, Oat Systems, Oracle and Xterprise. Proven support for SAP through 3rd-party middleware is also available. A well-documented SDK featuring .NET, Java and Ruby libraries enables easy, custom interfaces to control the reader if desired.

Powerful Interfaces for Effective Integration
The Alien Reader Protocol features industry leading Autonomous Mode, a programmable state machine that enables the reader to operate independently based on external triggers, timing or software inputs. This fl exible system leads to best-in-class read rates by enabling users to precisely control the parameters for timing, protocol, antenna usage and other critical variables without network latency delays. Automatic parameter adjustments ensure optimum inventory settings and conform to dynamic tag populations with user defi ned boundaries.

A flexible general-purpose input-output (GPIO) system enables tight integration with external sensors and actuators for effective integration with existing business processes. High capacity, optically isolated General Purpose I/O (GPIO) signals can drive many external devices directly, eliminating the need for costly digital I/O equipment and relays. Optical isolation ensures accurate reception of triggering signals in noisy, industrial environments. Middleware access to GPIO inputs and outputs enables direct control via software.

Configurable filtering, notification modes, data routing options and data formats provide flexibility and ease of integration. Filtered tag data options, tag streaming and I/O monitoring and streaming offer additional flexibility. The ALR-9900-EMA is backwards compatible with Alien’s popular ALR-8800, enabling users to easily operate in a mixed population or to transition to the ALR-9900-EMA.

Monostatic Simplicity
The ALR-9900-EMA provides the added simplicity of a monostatic antenna topology, which provides a compact footprint and easy integration. Only one antenna per read point is required, reducing system cost and complexity. A proprietary, active, noise cancellation and optimization circuit ensures high read rates from the monostatic antenna system by correcting phase distortion introduced by antenna, cable and environmental factors.

Power and LAN Failsafe Mechanisms Protect Data
The loss of power or LAN connectivity does not lead to the loss of critical tag data. The ALR-9900-EMA caches up to 2500 tag records in non-volatile memory, preserving data even in the event of a power loss. When operating in Autonomous Mode, the reader will continue to collect up to 6000 tag records even if the LAN connection is interrupted. Upon recovery of the LAN connection, middleware can download accumulated tag data from the reader.

Interference Management
The ALR-9900-EMA offers several methods for interference mitigation that provide a powerful solution to the challenge of noisy environments. The reader facilitates a low duty cycle “sniff & read” (“Seek”) mode for applications where motion detection is not an option, or where power conservation or RF interference is of prime concern.

Good Citizen:EPC Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode
The ALR-9900-EMA is compliant with the EPC Gen 2 Dense Interrogator specifi cation, which reduces interference impact on other readers. Dense Reader Mode (DRM) signifi cantly reduces the out-of-channel noise introduced by the reader, thereby enabling larger numbers of readers to coexist without reducing read rates.

Rental and Repair of Alien Technology ALR-9900+ EMA Enterprise RFID Reader is available - call for details

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