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For over 21 years, the principals at Best Wave have been actively creating, computer software systems. We have developed over 120 unique applications during that period of time, in every major category of interactive and digital sign delivery, and for some of the world's best-known brands and companies.

Shaping the Digital Sign/Kiosk Industry
Beginning as First Wave, Inc. in 1990 and delivering simple information-delivery kiosks, the company has not only grown with the industry, it has helped to shape it. John Glitsos, Best Wave's founder has been a speaker at major symposiums, written articles for kiosk, signage, and retail magazines, and has spoken at trade shows such as Globalshop for over a decade. He has been a consultant to some of the world's most significant brands, delivering more than just technical know-how. He has become a partner in developing experience-based solutions, which have transformed interactive to a new level. As an example, his expertise has been called upon more than once to give late-stage products a new performance curve; by infusing them with excitement and high-tech ambiance. This has resulted in sales exceeding expectations, and in some cases, outperforming new products by orders of magnitude. You can "touch" his creations in hundreds of locations, including the world's largest theme park in Florida.

Our Mission
To design and deliver industry-leading software solutions that set the standard for elegant functionality and simple interface design. We continually improve our software offerings, driven entirely by user feedback, while always maintaining ease-of-use, and excellent value for the money.

Design Philosophy:
The Mind
Digital signs are a valuable marketing tool that can serve as an intelligent, information conduit between marketers and consumers, corporate executives and customers, or companies and their employees. This is very important in light of the changing landscape in advertising, and in the retail and media distribution businesses. Best Wave differs from competitors because it has the ability to deliver superior systems based upon a premise-based software solution, thereby keeping the price point low, and eliminating monthly fees and charges.

Software is the brain of a digital sign, controlling every element of the customer experience. DisplayIt!, Best Wave's proprietary software is being used in over 1,200 locations by some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies. Why? Because it is robust, proven, inexpensive, and flexible. This simple interface allows many users within each company to create, customize and distribute their message, using simple tools they already know and understand. The result is a flexible, yet solid digital sign network that works technically, and works in terms of overall customer satisfaction.

The Heart
A digital sign has the potential to differentiate a company from its competitors. A good presentation should generate excitement and create an instant sense of understanding. Best Wave understands this; creating the ability to deliver exciting messages is what we do. We have goals that are communications driven - with the understanding of how experiential encounters with digital signs can help form long-lasting loyalty, drive sales, and introduce new concepts.

The Eye
Interface design is of the utmost importance. It can define software as either classy and customer friendly, or tacky and unapproachable. Best Wave is able to deliver this thanks to its understanding of the Fen Shui of software design. The company has over 21 years of experience, spent honing sleek, easy-to-navigate interfaces. Its products are native applications, meaning Best Wave can deliver richer-than-rich media in a simple, intuitive way. Everyone who uses a Best Wave product already knows how to use it from the second they see the first screen. This is not by accident. It requires a deep understanding of interface requirements.

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