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Company News: Datalogic Group Companies Complete Transformation Process Combining Datalogic with PSC

Oregon, May 7, 2007Datalogic, a market leader in international data collection technology and services, is pleased to announce that the transformation combining Datalogic with PSC was complete on April 2, 2007 and that the PSC brand name and logo have been retired. 

Last December, Datalogic announced a plan to move toward an autonomous divisional operating structure. The Datalogic Group has been re-aligned into Datalogic Scanning, Datalogic Mobile, and Datalogic Automation.

Datalogic Scanning is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. The Datalogic Mobile and Datalogic Automation divisions are headquartered near Bologna, Italy. Former PSC products have been re-branded under the Datalogic brand, as Datalogic Magellan®, Datalogic PowerScan®, Datalogic QuickScan® and Datalogic Falcon® products. 

“The goal of the transformation project was for our company to better serve our customers through a more focused, dedicated, and specialized business unit structure,” said Bill Parnell, Datalogic Scanning President and CEO. “Our customers can expect to continue to receive the same quality products, service, and support that they are accustomed to.” 

Datalogic Scanning has significantly increased its product choices available to its customers by adding the Dragon™ and Lynx™ along with the PowerScan® line of ruggedized handheld scanners. The Gryphon™, Heron™, FireScan™, and Touch™ complement the existing QuickScan® general purpose handheld scanners. Datalogic Scanning now offers the most comprehensive line of handheld scanners in the AIDC industry. Datalogic Scanning’s undisputed position as the market leader in high-performance fixed scanners with the Magellan® Retail POS Scanners, is further expanded by the addition of the Catcher™ and Diamond™ presentation scanners, which are ideal for use in specialty retail stores and document handling applications. Datalogic Mobile is expanding its mobile computer and PDA line with the addition of the Falcon® and Pegaso™ mobile computers to the existing line of Memor™ and Skorpio™ devices. Memor™ and Skorpio™ mobile computers are already available in Europe, but are now available in the US as well.

Datalogic Mobile offers a full range of products dedicated to warehousing solutions, field-force automation and retail in-store, with the fourth position in the EMEA market and fifth worldwide. This broad range of solutions provides partners and end-users the highest level of compatibility and openness to industry standards. 

About The Datalogic Group:

The Datalogic Group is the third largest world producer and leader in Europe for bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, and RFID technology systems. Datalogic offers innovative business solution, in particular to the manufacturing, transport and logistics, and retail markets. 

Datalogic Mobile, part of the Datalogic Group, is a global player in the Rugged Mobile Computers market, offering a full range of products, dedicated to the main target application fields: warehousing solutions, field-force automation and retail in-store. Our offer includes pocket-sized to full-alpha-keyboard hand-held devices, industrial PDAs, pistol-grip terminals, Vehicle Mounted computers and a very complete choice of middleware SW solutions, which guarantee our partners and end-users the highest level of compatibility and openness to industry standards. With a strong presence in EMEA, Americas and Asia/Pacific and the powerful network of partners all-over-the-world, we have shown an impressive track record of growth, permitting us to reach the fourth position in EMEA market shares and the fifth worldwide.  

Datalogic Scanning, Inc. part of the Datalogic Group, is the recognized #1 worldwide leader in high-performance fixed position retail point-of-sale scanners and the #2 global market leader with the most complete line of general purpose and ruggedized handheld scanners in the industry. Offering a broad array of technology, products, and services in the retail automation and automated data-capture market, Datalogic Scanning supports multiple industries throughout the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking and finance sectors. With a presence in over 120 countries, the headquarters, primary development, marketing, and manufacturing facilities for Datalogic Scanning, Inc. are located in Eugene, Oregon, while sales and service offices are located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. 

Datalogic is a registered trademark of Datalogic S.p.A. in many countries and the Datalogic logo, Catcher, Diamond, Dragon, FireScan, Gryphon, Heron, Lynx, Touch are trademarks of Datalogic S.p.A. Magellan, PowerScan, and QuickScan are registered trademarks of Datalogic Scanning, Inc. Falcon, Pegaso, Memor and Skorpio are trademarks of Datalogic Mobile Inc. All other brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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