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Product Release: Code Introduces the New CR2500 and CR3500 Barcode Readers - the New Industry Leader

Code's new barcode readers are ultra-fast and easy to use

Salt Lake City, UT - October 15, 2008 - Code Corporation announced today the release of two new hand-held barcode readers - Code Reader 2500™ (CR2500) (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) and Code Reader 3500™ (CR3500) (buy here from Legacy). Using MegaPixel digital imaging, dual-field optics, and patent-pending glare reducing technology, the CR2500 and CR3500 are the most advanced and aggressive barcode readers on the market today.

Both the CR2500 and CR3500 have new intuitive and reliable targeting techniques, guiding the user to an optimal reading distance, making barcode reading faster and easier than before. With new high-performance barcode reading technology, the CR2500 and CR3500 can read and decode any barcode symbology at ultra-fast speeds, including wide one and smaller two-dimensional barcodes, making them the logical choice for future-proofing businesses.

The new cutting-edge automatic glare reducing illumination technology of the CR2500 and CR3500 has resulted in unequaled barcode reading performance. The CR2500 and CR3500 will outperform even on difficult reading surfaces, including printed circuit boards, IV bags, driver licenses and other hard to read surfaces, making it the ideal choice for any industry.

"The CR2500 and CR3500 represent the embodiment of Code's years of experience with high definition dual field optics", said George Powell, president and CEO of Code Corporation, "We focused our efforts on developing a reader that was missing in the marketplace. A barcode reader that would not only be ultra-fast and easy to use, but one that could be used to read all barcode symbologies, on all kinds of surfaces, and still be affordable. These readers are unmatched."

When combined with Code's JavaScript Application Development Kit software, Bluetooth® wireless technology, and ergonomic modular design, the CR2500 and CR3500 barcode readers deliver the most aggressive reading of 1D and 2D barcode symbologies with wireless mobility.