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Product Release: Unitech Launches New Rugged Mobile Computer with Unique Industrial Design

January 23, 2009 - Unitech, an industry leader in the global manufacturing of rugged Mobile Computer automatic data collection products has announced the new PA968 Rugged Enterprise Mobile Computer (buy here from Legacy Technology Services).

The innovative and ergonomically designed PA968 is a fully integrated multi-functional device provided with an embedded WinCE for customized applications on a stable platform, through a 3.5G wireless capability. Besides its high-end communication system, this device also is equipped with built-in GPS to trace and track location of PA968 users whenever they may be in the field within the shortest time via InstantFix™. With networking technology integration, users who either deliver goods or read utility meters will find and be able to transfer data to servers quickly.

The Unitech PA968 lightweight design makes it a highly portable device with a solid IP65 and 1.5m (5 feet) drop tested casing durable enough for even the toughest environmental conditions. Its water and dust resistant features provide the benefit of minimizing down time and repair costs by providing uninterrupted connectivity when it’s most needed. Moreover, its LCD is designed for better readability under sunlight, which is a perfect solution for Transportation, Field Service and users work outdoor.

These features enable applicants to use the PA968 in a wireless connectivity environment however, there’s no need to worry about how harsh the environmental conditions may be. Having an extensive range of outdoor applications such as transportation, public facility maintenance, railroad service and utility meter reading, the PA968 has a large sized memory that allows it to save as much information as possible without requiring any additional accessories to prevent it from a crisis such as losing important data.

Another new feature of the Unitech PA968 is its fingerprint scanner, which can be designed for ID authentication management in order to protect privacy and prevent the possible exposure of confidential business information. The new PA968 not only offers maximum efficiency in it applications but also provides a user-friendly WinCE interface that increases productivity while applicants are working in a familiar location. The Unitech PA968, on the other hand, is even more flexible in its optional intelligent modularized keypads to minimize downtime and to help customers select the most suitable keypad configurations for their required application.

“According to Unitech customers, to have an integrated product with multi functionality such as integrated tracking capability, an extended life time keypad, and a special LCD for outdoor application are their most requested features after using other models. Now, we are currently releasing the PA968 to satisfy customers’ needs and prove that Unitech always listens to their customers’ needs.” said CEO of Unitech, Pete Chen.