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Product Release: Star Micronics Extends HSP7000 Multi-Function Printer Series

World-Wide Printer Manufacturer Adds Two Additions to its Multifunction Hybrid Printer Line

Edison, NJ – February 3, 2009Star Micronics America is pleased to release two additions to its multifunction, HSP7000, printer series-- the HSP7643 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) and the HSP7543 (buy here from Legacy). Both continue the trend of the HSP7743 (buy here from Legacy), released in 2008, with the fastest print speed (250mm/sec) of a multifunction printer available. The HSP7000 series is designed to assist and empower users who want to extend the capabilities of their current system.

The HSP7643 has been developed for applications requiring check MICR reading, check franking and/or validation, primarily for the banking market, where the check MICR information and the check franking need to be processed in one pass.

The HSP7543 has been developed for applications that rely heavily on dependable validation and slip printing for optimum operation, such as printing warranty information or parking ticket validation. The HSP7543’s convenient, intuitive forward-loading and top of form positioning for slip/endorsement and validation printing enables simple slip paper loading. Not employing the MICR option, allows a cost reduction for these applications.

Star continues its trend of ‘Freedom of Choice’ for its customers,” said Michael Hanson, Vice President, Star Micronics America, Inc.  “The HSP7643 and HSP7543 were designed specifically for customers who require either one-pass MICR with check franking or have an application that relies heavily on slip validation. The HSP7743, which was released in 2008, meets the needs of customers who utilize MICR and check endorsing. Star is able to offer a choice based on the customers’ need.”

The HSP7000 series combines key features from Star’s celebrated range of products, including the speed and reliability of the market leading TSP700 Series (buy here from Legacy), and the engine from the high speed SP700 dot matrix printer (buy here from Legacy).

When purchasing either the HSP7643, HSP7543 or HSP7743, customers will receive a CD with all standard industry drivers including: OPOS, JavaPOS, Linux, XP™ SP2 and SP3, Mac™OS X. Also included, is the Star Micronics development kit to assist customers in quickly implementing any additional functionality. The HSP7000 series also supports the ESC/POS emulation making this printer compatible with many existing popular industry applications.

The HSP7000 series comes standard with a three (3) year limited warranty. Star also offers customers two (2) extended warranties: Extend-A-Star and Swap-A-Star (both available here from Legacy). The Extend-A-Star program further extends Star’s standard service program with a bumper-to-bumper warranty and prompt printer repairs for United States and Canadian customers. The Swap-A-Star service program replaces a malfunctioning printer by the next business day and is available for customers in the United States.