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Product Release: Code Corporation Launches CodeOne Service Plans

CodeOne Service Plans Extends Value of Hardware Investment

Salt Lake City, UT - April 13, 2009 - Code Corporation, a leader in barcode reader manufacturing has introduced CodeOne, a three-tier service plan. Everything about CodeOne Service Plans (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) are designed to help keep Code hardware, and the businesses they serve, running smoothly and efficiently.

Many businesses and organizations have different in-house technical resources and capabilities, as well as response time requirements. CodeOne offers several levels of service plans to meet customer requirements, with each level tailored to fit a specific set of needs.

"Code recognizes the importance of service and support as a means of differentiating product and improving the customer relationship," said George E. Powell, president and CEO of Code Corporation. "We are committed to excellence in every way and CodeOne is an extension of that. CodeOne is designed to ensure that our customers make the most of their hardware investment".

Customers who purchase Code products are automatically enrolled in the CodeOne Standard plan, however, customers may choose to purchase the CodeOne Plus or CodeOne Premier plans. Each program is tailored to meet their unique support and response time requirements.

CodeOne Service Plan Overview:

  • CodeOne Standard Service Plan at no additional cost, offers a standard warranty period.
  • CodeOne Plus Service Plan enhances the security that comes with CodeOne's standard warranty. The Plus Service Plan offers a 7-day turnaround, extends the warranty period by a year, and offers a variety of discounts on Code products and services.
  • CodeOne Premier Service Plan offers a 1-day turnaround, extends the warranty period by two years, offers replacement readers for lost or damaged readers at deep discounted rates, and offers a greater savings on Code products and services.