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Product Release: CipherLab Launches 1500 Series BT Wireless Handheld Scanners

The CipherLab 1500 Series Sets a New Industry Standard for Mobility, Reliability, Efficiency and Value

Taipei, Taiwan - August 17, 2009 - CipherLab (TWO: 6160), a leading innovator in Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for the retail, warehouse, healthcare, government and distribution markets, today announced the worldwide availability of the CipherLab 1500 series BT wireless handheld scanners. The barcode readers simplify business to ensure error-free capture of critical information through charged-coupled device (CCD) or laser with the simple pull of a trigger, enabling work efficiency and automation without sacrificing customer satisfaction. The new scanners' unprecedented BT wireless capabilities provide a range of up to 90 meters (295 feet) - unleashing workers to get more done in more places.

"In 2003, CipherLab launched the world's first BT-enabled handheld scanner. Since then, we've become the BT market leader and continue to refine our scanners to set the industry benchmark for customer satisfaction, value and reliability," said Sherman Chuang, President of CipherLab. "By un-tethering employees, the 1500 series BT scanners boost worker efficiency, particularly in large work areas where data collection applications are critical."

1500 series BT scanners have two reader options - linear imager (1560) (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) and laser (1562) (buy here from Legacy). Both provide auto-sense scanning, using the industry's first three-in-one communication stand - on the wall, on the desktop, or elevated for auto-sense scanning. The three-in-one communication stand can serve up to seven scanners, providing unrivaled ease of use and accelerated productivity making it the ideal choice for the checkout counter, the manufacturing line or other high-usage environments. The CipherLab 1560 linear imager scans and decodes barcodes 200 times per second, eliminating rescans and keeping up with the fastest manufacturing and warehousing operations.

The 1500 series BT scanners also offer the following industry-leading features:

  • capacity for up to 256 scans in buffer memory when out of range
  • ability to record more than 32,000 scans in batch mode
  • up to 10 hours of battery life

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