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Product Release: New A-Class Mark II Print Engine Combines Innovative Design with Powerful Features to Meet the Broadest Range of Applications

A-Class Mark II printers offer new graphics display for enhanced navigation and setup, automated diagnostic capabilities, faster label processing and more standard communications interfaces

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- ORLANDO, FL – September 29, 2009 - Datamax-O’Neil, a global provider of label and receipt printing solutions, introduces the A-Class Mark II (buy A-4212 here, buy A-4310 here from Legacy Technology Services), a next generation print engine that incorporates a number of unique features that are not available in any competitive print engine. The A-Class Mark II establishes a “print and apply” standard that leads the market with innovative design features and quality enhancements to meet the most diverse application requirements.

“Working closely with our customers to understand how their needs are evolving, we have expanded the capabilities of the A-Class print engine to meet a new generation of requirements that blend high performance and operability with reduced cost of ownership,” said Cindy Guiles, A-Class Product Manager for Datamax-O’Neil. A-Class printers have served the most demanding applications, including manufacturing and warehouse, distribution, and food and beverage.

A unique stainless steel enclosure offers protection from the most challenging environments, like those found at food and beverage manufacturing plants. State of- the-art electronics offers the high performance needed for fast moving, multishift assembly lines and high-volume label processing. Available with 203, 300, 400 and 600 dpi configurations, the A-Class Mark II offers the broadest range of resolutions for applications where high-quality printing is paramount. The printer’s enhanced graphic display for easy set up and operation along with the patented IntelliSEAQ technology for proactive diagnostics and reporting provides increased productivity and effectiveness in any application.

“The A-Class Mark II was developed for 24/7 operations that require optimal throughput, maximum uptime, and easy integration into existing solutions,” said Guiles. “We have designed the A-Class Mark II to provide easy access to components making preventative maintenance simple, and our modular design allows most operations to be done on-site with minimal downtime."

Datamax-O’Neil’s emulation software allows the A-Class print engines to operate in competitive software environments, simplifies integration into existing applications and eliminates the need to change label formats. “In applications that utilize print engines, the downtime involved in replacing printers can significantly impact productivity,” Guiles explained. “We have ensured that integration efforts involving our A-Class Mark II are as fast and effective as possible.”

The A-Class Mark II is offered with an RFID option, which allows users to encode smart labels at the point of print, where most experts agree that encoding should take place to avoid any chance of mismatch between printed and encoded information.