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Product Update: SyVox Now Supports LXE’s HX2, HX3 and MX7 Mobile Computers, Providing Flexibility In Hardware And Software For Multi-Modal Applications

ATLANTA – Mar. 5, 2010LXE Inc., the rugged mobile computer division of EMS Technologies, Inc., and Genesta, a leading provider of data collection solutions for industrial, transportation, and logistics applications, announced today the availability of Genesta’s SyVox Client on LXE's HX3 voice-directed wearable computer (buy here from Legacy Technology Services). The HX3 combines industry-leading versatility for voice-directed logistics applications with support for wireless and wired barcode scanners, imagers and headsets, while SyVox’s multi-modal capabilities allow users to implement the right data collection technology for each task in a process, making the pairing an ideal multi-modal solution.

Bill Roeder, vice president of Marketing and Business Development for LXE, stated, “The HX3 four-pin audio connector means less noise and improved recognition over competitors’ three-pin models. The HX3 is also easily paired with our 8650 BlueTooth Ring Scanner (buy here from Legacy), creating multi-modal versatility that fits perfectly with a software solution like SyVox Client.”

SyVox Client, already available on LXE’s HX2 wearable (buy here from Legacy) and MX7 handheld computer (buy here from Legacy), is a speech-enabled data collection application designed for industrial applications. SyVox uses multiple modalities, including natural speech, barcode scanning, and keyboard entry, to exchange information between an enterprise system (for example a WMS or ERP system) and mobile workers who are equipped with speech-ready mobile computers. The SyVox Client software connects to an enterprise system via standards-based technology. By blending the hands-free and eyes-free benefits of speech recognition, the accuracy and speed of barcode scanning, and the flexibility of printed text and keyboard entry, SyVox promotes a robust optimized work process with happier, more productive workers.

“Adding support for the HX3 expands the options for deploying SyVox in challenging facilities, including freezers,” added Kelson Elam, Genesta’s managing partner. “And, with SyVox, we are applying speech recognition to markets beyond traditional warehouse automation. LXE provides a range of terminal capabilities, now including the HX3, ensuring that the combined solution is the best fit for the application.”

About Genesta
Genesta is a leading provider of data collection solutions for industrial, transportation, and logistics applications. Since its inception in 1993, Genesta has delivered innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer.  Genesta has succeeded by assembling a collection of committed professionals with extensive industry experience.  Genesta offers a complete set of integration, installation, and support services. Its RFlex and SyVox software products enable processes using radio frequency identification (RFID), speech recognition, bar coding, and wireless based technologies.

About LXE
LXE, a division of EMS Technologies, is a leading manufacturer of rugged vehicle-mounted, handheld and wearable mobile computers. LXE helps companies extend corporate networks to mobile workers in demanding conditions by providing easy-to-use, tough and reliable wireless computers. LXE products are used by organizations worldwide to drive down costs and improve customer satisfaction. Visit www.lxe.com or www.ems-t.com for more information.