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Product Release: New DENSO Barcode Scanner Reads Mobile-Phone Screens

Long Beach, CA -- 05/24/2010 -- The new DENSO ADC QK12 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) is an easy-to-use stationary scanner specifically designed to read 1-D and 2-D barcodes displayed on the LCD screens of cell phones and other mobile devices.

Unlike conventional scanners, which are not made for this task, the QK12 provides fast, reliable reading of LCD screens with differing contrasts, colors and reflections, even under poor lighting conditions. The QK12 can also read barcodes printed on paper or other surfaces, extending its versatility. Applications include e-ticketing, e-coupons, e-payments and loyalty programs.

The lightweight, compact QK12 can be conveniently placed on a tabletop or integrated into a kiosk, and requires no special skills to operate. When a user holds a mobile phone up to the QK12, the scanner automatically senses if a barcode is present and immediately reads it. A USB port allows easy connection to a PC, to manage the QK12’s settings and receive its scanned input data.

DENSO ADC is constantly striving to offer our customers the latest technological advances,” said John Doran, senior manager, Commercial and Industrial Systems. “The QK-12 will give them a competitive edge in this fast-growing market segment.”

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