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Product Release: Code Corporation to launch the Code Reader™ 1000 at VARTECH USA 2010

Code Corporation to launch innovative compact barcode reader

Salt Lake City, UT - August 26, 2010 - Code Corporation is set to launch its newest barcode reader, the Code Reader™ 1000 (CR1000) (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) at BlueStar’s VARTECH USA 2010 conference.

"As Code’s extensive barcode reader line continues to grow so does our need for outstanding distribution partners”, said George Powell, president and CEO of Code Corporation. "We choose to launch our most innovative barcode reader to date at BlueStar’s VARTECH USA 2010 conference because of the trusted relationships they have with the reseller community and the commitment they have to serving our partners as they build industry leading solutions with Code products.”

The CR1000 is an aggressive, yet affordable, barcode reader that takes up limited workspace without compromising barcode reading performance. The CR1000 is a compact hand held or hands free 2D barcode reader that expands Code’s product line into new vertical markets.

"Code’s new CR1000 has one of the best compact form factors I have seen in years", said Mark Fraker, Vice President of Marketing for BlueStar, Inc, "The numerous mounting configurations of this new design, and the fact that the CR1000 can read barcodes off of cell phone screens make it unique. I am sure the ingenuity of our channel will find many solutions which will utilize the Code Reader 1000, especially in the healthcare, mobile ticketing, kiosks, and retail spaces”.

The CR1000 features a patented dual-field optical platform and an intuitive LED targeting design, which allows users to read both wide linear and small 2D barcodes fast and accurately. With environmentally friendly power management, the CR1000 boasts the lowest power consumption for a product in its class,making the CR1000 the ideal barcode reader for mobile ticketing, self-service kiosks and ATM applications.

In addition, the CR1000 features Code’s glare reduction technology for scanning barcodes printed on shiny surfaces, such as bottles, syringes and IV bags. With medical grade plastics and unique form factor, the CR1000 is the most versatile barcode reader for simplifying data collection and management in any industry.