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Company News: Janam Extends Palm Licensing Agreement

World's leading rugged mobile computer with Palm OS will be available for years to come

Woodbury, NY - August 30, 2010 - Janam Technologies LLC, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, today announced the extension of its licensing agreement with ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc., the company formerly known as PalmSource that licenses Garnet OS (first released as Palm OS version 5). The amended agreement, which extends the original agreement by five years, enables Janam to continue to develop and sell its XP Series line of Garnet OS-based rugged mobile computers (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) through 2017.

Janam launched the XP Series, its first line of rugged mobile computers, in January of 2007. These slim, light, powerful and rugged devices provide investment protection for value-added resellers and end-users that have invested millions of dollars in barcode scanning applications for the durable Palm OS platform. Today, Janam’s XP20 and XP30 rugged handhelds are used around the world to execute mission-critical data collection tasks in retail, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, parcel and post, government, utilities and more.

“With the introduction of the XP Series, Janam offered enterprises new and innovative rugged mobile computers on which they could continue to deploy their proven and cost-effective Palm applications,” said Harry B. Lerner, CEO of Janam. “We offered the right features at the right price and enabled businesses to preserve their investment, add functionality to existing solutions and advance their businesses. We are pleased to extend our commitment to Garnet OS users and will continue to offer value-driven mobile solutions that result in success for our partners and customers worldwide.”

Janam’s XP20 and XP30 are the only mobile computers that combine Palm OS Garnet with features typically required by enterprise customers, such as rugged construction, barcode scanning, WLAN, numeric keypad option, NAND flash memory backup, extended capacity battery option and a full suite of cradles and accessories. All XP Series products meet IP54 sealing requirements, survive drops to concrete from 4’ to all six sides and weigh less than 10 ounces.