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Product Release: Motorola Solutions Unveils Next Generation Retail Solutions

New mobile computing, voice and imaging solutions help bring the right information to the right place at the right time

NRF 2011 (Booth #1319) – Jan. 10, 2011Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today unveiled its vision for Next Generation Enterprise Mobility solutions that will address and empower the continuing growth of mobile workers, facilitate more accurate and real-time asset visibility, and engage the ever more knowledgeable and smarter customer. With an initial focus on retail, Next Generation Enterprise Mobility is a holistic approach for defining complete technology solutions that will help transform enterprises into even more productive and profitable businesses.

Motorola also introduced today the DS9208 presentation imager (buy here from Legacy Technology Services), DS4208 handheld imager (buy here from Legacy), MC9190-G industrial mobile computer (buy here from Legacy) and announced TEAM Express as a standard feature across its portfolio of voice-capable mobile computers enabling push-to-talk communications among multiple, disparate devices.


Next Generation Enterprise Mobility

  • In developing its next generation enterprise mobility vision, Motorola Solutions has defined several key areas of innovation, including advanced devices, enhanced information capture, adaptive networking, integrated communications, advanced application services, the connected customer, security and management.

  • The next generation of enterprise mobility will empower the growing mobile workforce by expanding the range of devices to more workers so they are connected with the devices that are appropriate for their roles, leading to enhanced productivity.

  • By providing real-time asset visibility beyond just merchandise, enterprises will be able to further monitor assets and activity and make decisions that increase efficiency and help increase sales.

  • To engage and connect with the smarter customer, next generation enterprise mobility will deliver solutions that improve relationships and enhance customer experiences.

New DS9208 presentation imager and DS4208 handheld imager

  • The new hands-free DS9208 presentation imager is a sleek, compact and affordable bar code scanner offering excellent performance on 1D and 2D bar codes used in traditional and mobile bar code applications.

  • The new DS4208 handheld bar code imager is intuitive, easy-to-use and quickly reads 1D and 2D printed bar codes on paper or from a cell phone display offering retail customers a truly affordable handheld 2D imager that can enhance their business.

  • Both the DS4208 handheld imager and DS9208 presentation scanner are based on a brand new imaging technology platform from Motorola Solutions that can quickly read bar codes from traditional paper labels and hang tags, as well as from cell phones supporting mobile couponing, mobile loyalty and mobile gift card applications. The DS9208 is offered with an optional on-board parsing engine to read and parse PDF417 bar codes on United States driver licenses.

MC9190-G Rugged Mobile Computer

  • Building on the industry’s single best-selling rugged mobile computer, Motorola Solutions’ new MC9190-G series of industrial mobile computers provides a multitude of keypad and scan engine options, including a new long-range imaging option that offers revolutionary standard 1D and 2D bar code reading up to 30 feet, as well as image capture capabilities to meet the emerging requirements for 2D bar code reading in retail and warehouse applications.

  • The MC9190-G leverages the design of the MC9000 series and incorporates new features, including a more rugged touchscreen and scanner exit window. In addition, the MC9190-G offers a common platform with the MC9000 providing fast porting of applications and backward compatibility with all accessories.

  • Motorola’s newest industrial mobile computer includes an integrated RFID tag to help customers track their MC9190-Gs throughout the enterprise – eliminating lost or misplaced devices.

TEAM Express Voice Solution

  • Throughout 2011, Motorola Solutions will introduce the Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) Express solution as a standard feature across its broad portfolio of voice-capable mobile computers.

  • TEAM Express enables fast, easy push-to-talk communications among multiple, disparate devices, including Motorola voice-capable mobile computers, two-way radios and TEAM devices to help improve employee accessibility, responsiveness and productivity.

  • Completely server-less and deployed through a simple set-up, TEAM Express leverages existing IT investments and can also interoperate with two-way radios using the TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS).

These products are backed with the complete range of Motorola services, from advanced services to help plan and deploy the next generation of enterprise mobility to ongoing support with Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage.


Bob Sanders, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Solutions and Wireless Network Solutions, Motorola Solutions
“Businesses will experience fundamental changes to technology impacting their workforce, assets and customers over the next five years. All workers will be connected and reachable with mobile products that improve their effectiveness and enables better, real-time management and accountability. A faster and more secure infrastructure will deliver greater levels of information, interactivity and business-critical applications inside and outside the walls of the enterprise. Motorola Solutions will deliver the products that will help enterprises better manage their business, employees and material assets and recognize success today and tomorrow.”

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