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Product Release: CipherLab 1500 Series 2D Scanners offer Different Reader Solutions For Your Business

The 1500 Series 2D Scanners Boosts Your Business Productivity With Speedy Performance, Ergonomic Design and Advanced Applications

Taipei, Taiwan - May 13, 2011 - CipherLab, a leading innovator in Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) announces today the launch of the new 1500 series 2D scanners (models: 1504 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) and 1564 (buy here from Legacy)). Based on the original snappy performance and ergonomic design of the existing 1500 series, the new 2D models aim to meet the growing needs of 2D barcode applications in pharmaceutical, hospital and retail settings. Like all the scanners in the 1500 series, these 2D handheld scanners come in corded and cordless models and offer powerful reliability with efficiency for a wide range of applications.

"When CipherLab initially released the 1500 series, it quickly received positive reviews from retail professionals. Following the wide success of the original 1500 series, the new models now feature a 2D reader option." said Sherman Chuang, President of CipherLab. "This additional feature caters to the increasing popularity of 2D barcode applications It enhances the productivity and provides the reliability your business depends on."

The new 1500 series 2D scanners combine versatility with efficiency and are able to read high-density 1D barcodes and also 2D barcodes. They also have the option of autosense scanning, which adds extra convenience and comfort for workers handling intensive scanning tasks. The 1500 series 2D scanners have a Bluetooth range of 90 meters, ensuring that critical information is captured anytime, anywhere. These ergonomic handheld scanners help accelerate your work with capture of critical data, keeping your company data up-to-date.

The 1500 series come with a range of useful software tools to help your business achieve maximum efficiency. The scanners include the ScanMaster software for easy and fast custom configuration. The Bluetooth option of the 1500 series is supported by CipherConnect, a COM-to-key utility for intensive data collection that will seamlessly integrate with a smart device.