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Product Release: Datalogic Puts Communication First: The PowerScan PBT8300 laser scanner with Bluetooth wireless technology guarantees standard connectivity in industrial environments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Datalogic Puts Communication First The PowerScan PBT8300 laser scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology guarantees standard connectivity in industrial environments

Eugene, Oregon, USA - June 1, 2011 – Today the world moves in real-time mode. Jobs that used to take hours are now done in minutes. That is especially true in the manufacturing plant and in the warehouse, where goods need to be produced and moved fast to keep up with demand. In today's high speed environment accurate data communication in real-time is fundamental for assuring a smooth running operation. Datalogic Scanning delivers this and more with the release of the PowerScan™ PBT8300 laser scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) which has been designed for operators in industrial environments requiring maximum mobility and versatility in a cordless device that can handle knocks, shocks, hits and drops.

The PowerScan PBT8300 laser scanner offers significant advantages, especially where forklift trucks with Vehicle Mount Terminals (VMT) are employed. Utilizing Bluetooth® wireless technology, a direct interface can be created between the scanner and a host computer, such as a VMT, without the need for an intermediate receiver. The PowerScan PBT8300 reader enhances mobility without compromising security. The Class 1, 2.0 Bluetooth® wireless technology implemented in the scanner provides an operating range exceeding 90 m / 295 ft in open air environments. If a shorter radio range is sufficient, the scanner can be configured to operate within Class 2 specifications. Data security is guaranteed by the configurable PIN which assures user authentication and data encryption.

“The new PowerScan PBT8300 scanner combines all the winning features of the PowerScan scanner line with Bluetooth® wireless technology, guaranteeing high performance, seamless communication and standard connectivity,” said Giulio Berzuini, General Manager of Handheld Scanning Products. “It's the ideal solution for industrial environments where maximum system configuration versatility for the user is a must. The harshest manufacturing and warehouse environments can also benefit from the ruggedness and durability provided by the PowerScan line.”

Like all PowerScan products, the PBT8300 scanner has been designed and tested to withstand extreme shock conditions, exceeding 50 drops from 2.0 m / 6.5 ft., while reading performance and accuracy remain unchanged. In addition, the IP65/IP64 rating for dust and water protection makes it suitable for the toughest applications in industrial environments, delivering superior and reliable performance over the long term.

The PowerScan PBT8300 scanner is available in several models that include Standard Range or Auto Range optics with or without a display, and a 3-key or 16-key keypad. Datalogic's 3GL™ (3 Green Lights) system incorporating the patented "Green Spot" and double good read LEDs is coupled with a loud beeper to ensure superior good-read feedback. A long lasting tool-free removable battery enables at least 2 shifts of operations before needing a charge. Initial set-up of the PowerScan PBT8300 scanner is easy and intuitive with Datalogic's Aladdin™ configuration software which allows all parameters to be modified and configuration settings to be downloaded, saved, printed and sent via e-mail remotely.

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The PowerScan 8300 series is part of Datalogic Scanning's premium range of PowerScan readers. The PowerScan portfolio represents the most complete line of industrial handheld products available in the global market today, offering a premium and a value line, laser, linear imaging, 2D and corded or wireless technologies. This line of scanners is ideal for applications in harsh environments where rugged handheld scanners are a necessity.