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Product Release: CipherLab's New 8200 Series Boosts Productivity for Retail and Healthcare

8200 Series Enterprise Mobile Computers Built to Impress with Long Lasting Power Performance, Larger Memory Capacity and Ergonomic Comfort

Taipei, Taiwan - 7th July, 2011 - CipherLab, a leading innovator in Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for the retail, warehouse, and distribution industries, announces today the launch of its 8200 series (buy here from Legacy Technology Services). This enterprise mobile computer optimizes retail workflow and efficiency with expandable memory capacity, long-lasting performance, and a lightweight ergonomic design. Developed with workflow management in mind, the 8200 series addresses the needs of busy retailers to ensure the right products are on the right shelves with right prices. Shift after shift, the 8200 is also ideal for healthcare applications.

"Markets are becoming increasingly competitive and our products need to stand out with a distinct advantage. Our customers are interested in a mobile computer that has long-lasting performance, and lots of room for data storage, because they could scan thousands of items at a time," explained Sherman Chuang, President of CipherLab. "The 8200 series is the latest answer to increasing your efficiency, delivering quality customer service, and creating immediate profit regardless of the business you are in."

With a variety of reader options such as linear imager, laser and 2D imager, the 8200 series fulfils the needs in different application environments. The option of 2D imager is especially designed to meet the booming 2D barcodes application needs in healthcare environments. Boosting the work comfort, the 8200 series is small and ergonomic, and it comes with an optional pistol grip - making heavy-duty data collection light task. It comes with Application Generator, and also supported with C and Basic Compiler for fast customization. Combined with quick communication to back-end servers via Wireless LAN using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), the 8200 series answers a broad spectrum of unique application needs

The 8200 series is always ready to perform the tasks smoothly - featuring:

  • Long-lasting performance for continuous productivity
  • Expandable data memory capacity through built-in Micro SDHC slot
  • Lightweight, ergonomic form factor that easily fits in your palm and your pocket