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Product Release: AML Announces the Launch of the KDT3 Multimedia Kiosk

August 9, 2011 - The KDT3, from AML, brings powerful multimedia capabilities into a small form-factor kiosk.  Backed by the power of a 600 MHz microprocessor, the KDT3 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) can play full screen videos on its 8" display and high fidelity digital audio through its integrated sterio speakers.  Since the KDT3 is a fully interactive device, users can scan barcodes, use one of four programmable buttons, or simply use the touch-screen to make selections or navigate.

The 8" SVGA color display (800 x 600) delivers amazingly clear and vivid images enhancing the user experience that much more.  It's compact, sleek design means the KDT3 can be mounted almost anywhere including onto walls or poles, or integrated into a display or a customer service station.

The KDT3 is equally home in a retail or commercial environment, or a healthcare or educational facility.  Its powerful architecture, running Windows CE 6.0, can host software applications for a wide variety of uses including video player, audioo player, price verification, time and attendance, web browsing, PoP displays, access control, and many others.