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Product Release: One Access Point, Infinite Possibilities with Motorola Solutions’ Revolutionary AP 8132

Innovative design redefines Wi-Fi access and delivers outstanding flexibility

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – May 2, 2012 – Retailers looking to transform shopping into an exceptional experience and enhance productivity can now turn to the new AP 8132 from Motorola Solutions, Inc (NYSE: MSI). The first-of-its-kind modular Wi-Fi access point (AP) combined with Motorola’s WiNG 5 technology delivers an outstanding quality experience for wireless users with smartphones and tablets. The AP 8132 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) can multi-task with modules that can be used for 24x7 spectrum monitoring for improved wireless security, an environmental sensor for efficient energy management, and an IP camera to enable video analytics for customer engagement. The AP 8132’s flexibility unleashes virtually unlimited possibilities and provides high-performance guest and staff access for retail, hospitality and other enterprises. When combined with Motorola’s NX Integrated Services Platform series, the AP 8132 offers a complete end-to-end solution that improves customer experiences, employee productivity and operational efficiency.

Enterprises spend significant amounts of money when deploying hardware-based applications that require network and power connections. The AP 8132’s innovative design allows for hardware snap-in modules that leverage its power and network connection, reducing deployment costs. The modularity allows IT managers to virtually future proof the AP for new requirements and allows rapid deployment of new applications.


  • According to a Motorola Solutions Holiday Shopper Survey, almost 40 percent of shoppers with smartphones would like to use a retailer’s wireless internet access and more than 60 percent downloaded some type of shopping application to enhance their experience. A sporting goods superstore could use the AP 8132 to allow guest access, interact with customers, and by using a plug-in video camera module; merchandisers could use video analytics to pinpoint a customer’s exact location in the store. This micro-locationing provides the ability to further interact with customers where buying decisions are being made – for example, by sending a special offer on parkas as they’re shopping for outerwear.
  • Today’s luxury hotels rely on high-performance communications networks to increase guest satisfaction and return rates, as well as helping to ensure 24x7 operational efficiency, security and productivity. An IT director who needs to maintain business continuity could use the AP 8132 to deliver network access and provide network continuity simply by plugging in a 3G backhaul application module.
  • The base AP accommodates a third sensor radio as a module attachment, providing enterprises the flexibility to grow and help meet future demands with AirDefense intrusion detection and protection.
  • The AP 8132 runs WiNG 5 distributed intelligence and delivers high bandwidth (450 Mbps), extended range and improved robustness for smartphones and tablets running voice and video applications.


Imran Akbar, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Networks & Communications, Motorola Solutions
"With the innovations we are bringing to market in the AP 8132, Motorola is redefining what APs – and wireless LANs – are capable of. Our customers can now leverage the wireless infrastructure to solve their challenges through application modules that can be customized. The combination of hardware application modules on our APs and software applications hosted by our NX Integrated Services Platform creates a winning combination to address our customers’ mobility needs."

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