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Product Release: Develop Applications for the Next Generation of Business Mobility with RhoMobile Suite from Motorola Solutions

Write an application once and run it on any mobile device, any operating system

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – May 31, 2012 – The BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon has added to the confusion, complexity and cost of developing multiple versions of the same application for different operating systems. The new award-winning RhoMobile Suite (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) from Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) is a true HTML5 cross-platform development framework that allows developers to write an application once and have it look and act the same on different mobile devices regardless of the current operating system (OS). This new technology will reduce operating expenses by virtually future-proofing applications that will continue to run and perform on current and next generation enterprise and consumer devices.

Combining the features of RhoElements, RhoConnect and RhoStudio into one solution, RhoMobile Suite fills a gap found in traditional web technologies because it can synchronize data and operate in either a connected or disconnected environment. It enables developers to build highly secure, enterprise-grade business applications with a consumer-style look and feel across virtually any OS, device and screen size, utilizing the advanced capabilities of the enterprise mobile computer or smartphone. RhoMobile applications are able to support enterprise-class mobile operating systems— such as Microsoft Windows® Mobile, Microsoft Windows CE® and Blackberry® OS — as well as popular consumer grade operating systems, including Android®, Apple® iOS, Symbian® and Microsoft’s Windows® Phone 7. This allows customers and independent software vendors to go to market at the same time with multiple platforms instead of staggering releases for different applications.



  • RhoElements is the ideal deployment scenario for a developer because it enables both hybrid (connected) as well as native (disconnected) HTML5 applications so a developer can build once and run on multiple operating systems and devices while connected or disconnected.
  • Since RhoElements is based on HTML and HTML5, developers are provided with a format to allow applications to look and feel the way the developers/designers prefer.
  • With the ability to integrate HTML5 with enterprise device capabilities, RhoElements removes the concerns related to accessing device features and functionality.


  • RhoConnect is the first of a new category of mobile application integration servers that handles the details of connecting to enterprise backend applications by quickly and easily integrating into multiple systems and managing and determining the amount of data synchronization required.
  • RhoConnect allows developers to connect their data source - using any framework - to their device, anywhere, any time. The server is efficiently designed for performance, scale and evolving technologies.


  • RhoStudio is a complementary and powerful eclipse plug-in that allows customers to use a single computer to quickly develop off-platform RhoElements applications and RhoConnect adapters for delivering a complete RhoMobile Suite solution.
  • RhoStudio includes a fully featured simulator that enables developers to rapidly build, debug and test cross-platform applications in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional emulators and devices.


Doug Wagoner, senior vice president and general manager, Homeland and Civilian Solutions Business Unit, Science Applications International Corporation
“The cross-platform, write-it-once mobile framework of Motorola SolutionsRhoMobile Suite facilitates SAIC’s ability to extend our customers’ enterprise and mobile application environments with minimal effort and consistent reliability.”

Steve Jensen, vice president, Information Technology, Insphere Insurance Solutions
“The write-it-once technology in the new Motorola SolutionsRhoMobile Suite allows us to build a virtually future-proof multiple operating system strategy. Leveraging RhoConnect allows for easy integration to our back end MS Dynamics CRM system, allowing the app to perform regardless of connectivity. As a result, our agents can be productive no matter the connectivity status on their device of choice.”

Girish Rishi, corporate vice president and general manager, Enterprise Mobile Computing, Motorola Solutions
Motorola SolutionsRhoMobile Suite is ideal for IT executives looking for ways to deliver compelling solutions and applications to their growing user base across multiple platforms. In turn, application developers now have the latest tools to develop feature-rich applications to run on multiple current and future operating systems.”

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