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Product Release: Citizen launches world’s smallest 6-inch label printer

Stuttgart, Germany - October 31, 2012 - Citizen has launched the CL-S6621 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services), the smallest 6-inch label printer on the market, saving valuable desk space for customers as well as offering a range of powerful features. The CL-S6621 is a remarkable 60% smaller than the next largest 6-inch printer, and half the price, making it not only the smallest but also the best priced 6-inch printer on the market.

The CL-S6621 is a 6-inch version of the successful CL-S621, bridging the gap between 4 and 8-inch printers and enhancing the highly successful range of Citizen industrial desktops that combine robustness with high performance. The printer is packed with technology that boosts print quality and reliability, including the ARCP™ automatic tension system that enables clearer prints. The CL-S6621 also incorporates Citizen’s Hi-Lift™ Mechanism,which enables precision printing and, along with an ergonomic paper lifter, easier media loading.

The metal Hi-Lift™ printhead mechanism combined with an industrial, twin-wall ABS housing make the CL-S6621 an extremely robust and durable machine. The all-metal construction of the printhead mechanism ensures reliability and precision, while the printhead can also be raised to the vertical position for easy cleaning and servicing. The printer also features Cross-Emulation™, which automatically detects the code being sent to the unit and switches the printer from Datamax® to ZPL® emulation or vice-versa, offering full compatibility. Cross-Emulation™ also provides ease of integration into existing applications or networks, such as specialist environments or stand-alone applications where connection to a PC is not needed. A feature such as this can be decisive when specifying printers as this can enable swift implementation of the units and their rapid integration into computer systems.

Citizen has worked to build sustainability into its printing solutions and the stand-by mode of the CL-S6621 adds green credentials to its impressive list of benefits. The CL-S6621 allows the user to set the time at which the printer will automatically switch into stand-by mode, cutting energy consumption to benefit both business efficiency and the environment.

The Citizen CL-S6621 represents a powerful option for operators that require a robust, reliable means of producing large volumes of output, such as delivery labels, with high quality results, time after time. Target markets include logistics, warehousing, pallet labelling, licence plates, banner writing and sign writing but because the CL-S6621 offers so many benefits it is opening up more markets for 6-inch label printing than ever before.

Citizen is the leading manufacturer of POS, label and portable printers and all of its machines, including the new Citizen CL-S6621, are backed by the company’s excellent customer support service and the option to extend the warranty to three or five years.

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