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Company News: Motorola Solutions Unveils Its Retail Vision at 14th China Chain Store Expo

The Future of Retail: Experience is Everything

Beijing, November 02, 2012Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE code: MSI) official unveils its forward-looking Retail Vision - The Future of Retail: Experience is Everything -at the 14th China Chain Store Expo held at Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from November 1-3. At the exposition, Motorola Solutions hopes to invite all guests to the Next-Generation Retail Experience Store which was built with its partners to get a glimpse of the shopping experience which the future retail industry can bring to people. Meanwhile, it will also showcase the splendor and changes which Motorola Solutions’ world-leading innovative technologies will bring to the retail industry in the future.

  • China Chain Store Expo, known as “The China Chain Industry Annual Meeting”, attracts the participation of thousands of retailers each year. Representatives of the entire retail industry chain, including retailers, IT providers, commercial equipment suppliers and commodity suppliers, gather and discuss new topics and development directions in the industry.
  • The theme of this year’s expo is “Igniting the New Engine of Retail’s Growth. It fits with Motorola Solutions’ philosophy of leveraging technological innovation to bring the perfect shopping experience to consumers, thereby pushing forward the sustainable development of the retail industry.
  • To interpret its future retail vision, Motorola Solutions takes “Experience is Everything” as the core theme of its exhibition. At the Motorola Solutions’ booth, visitors are not only attracted by the fashionable shopping environment but also fascinated with the comprehensive and detailed services provided by technology.
  • Right upon entering a supermarket scene, shoppers can immediately receive E-coupons and use MC17 Self-Service Scanning Terminal (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) to fast add favorite goods into the shopping basket and make self-service payment through mobile terminals. In the colorful garment shop, shoppers can easily view all garment brands, detailed features and price information via ET1 Enterprise Tablet, call shop assistants via the MK4000 Micro Kiosk (buy here from Legacy) and automatically notify the associates when the last item is taken….all these have benefited from the innovative technologies and applications jointly developed by Motorola Solutions and its partners for the future retail industry. These technologies include proximity awareness, personal self-scanning, mobile payment, self-help information booth, backyard management and device management. At the touch of your fingertip, you will have all your favorite goods before you. This is the relaxed, easy and pleasant shopping experience which the retail industry will bring to shoppers in the future.
  • Building upon years of service experience in the retail industry, Motorola Solutions has always taken improving consumers’ shopping experience as the primary drivers for investment in technologies for retailers. In the future, this driving force will bring more added values to retailers and enable them to win more consumers through their more competitive services. The latest new Retail Vision from Motorola Solutions will become a new signpost of technological development in the retail industry.
  • Motorola Solutions will showcase its integrate next-generation retail solutions at Booth 807 of Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Harris He, Solution Architect for Enterprise Business, Motorola Solutions
“Drawing upon the ever-changing technological innovations, retailers are changing people’s shopping habits and life. For most consumers, it is no longer a dream to enjoy completely different forward-looking services in every step of the shopping path, from entering the store to making purchases and settling payment. Motorola Solutions’ future-oriented mobility solutions will bring the retail industry to a completely new era of ‘Experience is Everything’ and create more values for retailers.”

Christie Pan, Marketing Director of Motorola Solutions
“As a global leader in enterprise mobility technology, Motorola Solutions has always committed itself to helping retailer bring the best shopping experience to consumers through powerful technologies. ‘Motorola Solutions Next-Generation Retail Experience Store’ stands as a model of Motorola Solutions’ mobile technology applications. We wish to take the current exhibition as an opportunity to forge partnership with more retailers. Motorola Solutions will leverage its technological legacy over 80 years and support retailers to make future-oriented transformation and upgrading.”

Since it split-off from Motorola’s mobile phone business, Motorola Solutions has leveraged the greater strategic flexibility of its position as an independent company to further sharpen its focus on delivering mission critical mobility solutions to its government and enterprise customers across the globe. This success of this move is evident in the consistent business growth and positive financial results the company has been delivering since its separation on January 4, 2011.

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