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Product Release: Zebra Technologies Introduces Print Engine for Technically Demanding Environments

ZE500 Maximizes Productivity in Food and Beverage, Travel and Logistics, Manufacturing Industries

Lincolnshire, IL, November 15, 2012Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a recognized global leader in technologies that extend real-time visibility into business operations, today announced the release of the ZE500 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services), the next generation of Zebra's print engine. This newest introduction to Zebra's broad line of thermal printers is intended for use in a variety of high-volume, mission-critical applications in the food and beverage, manufacturing, transportation and logistics and other industries. The print engine is designed to be integrated by Zebra channel partners into a complete print-and-apply application in technically demanding environments to increase productivity and improve operational efficiencies.

"The ZE500 is an important addition to our broader offerings for both existing and new markets," said Keith LeFebvre, VP of product management, Zebra Technologies. "We are particularly excited about working with our channel partners to offer solutions to the food and beverage industry to help them address their unique requirements. The ZE500 is effective in environments where there may be exposure to dust and other particles, maximizing printer uptime and increasing productivity of production and packaging lines."

The ZE500's enclosed cabinet protects the printer in harsh environments and includes side-loading supplies and an intuitive front panel interface, which provides flexibility and expanded applications. In keeping with Zebra's heritage, it boasts durable components and parts, making it the industry leader for increased uptime. The innovative print head design and mechanism allow for trouble-free service with optimal print quality across a wide range of media types.

The print engines are easily integrated by Zebra channel partners into a complete print-and-apply system to label products, pallets, cases and cartons quickly and easily, with great reliability.

The ZE500 allows organizations to improve efficiency in a variety of verticals and uses including:

  • Manufacturing – product, case and pallet labeling
  • Transportation and logistics – shipping and compliance labels
  • Food and beverage – case and pallet labeling, compliance labels

The ZE500 is supported by a wide range of Zebra software tools that simplify installation, deployment and maintenance. Additionally, Zebra offers pre-and post-installation technical service support.

With technologies such as barcode, RFID, GPS and sensors, Zebra turns the physical into digital to give assets, people and transactions a virtual voice. By illuminating the events in their value chain with real-time data about their assets, people and transactions, Zebra helps businesses unlock improvements in operational performance as well as inspire new ideas for innovation in their organizations.

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