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Product Release: Unitech launches its new generation mini 2D barcode scanner: MS920

April 22, 2013 - Unitech MS920 (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) is a new generation of wireless 2D barcode scanner that doubles the excellent decoding performance in a pocket-sized enclosure. Thanks to its compact & lightweight design for easy mobility, MS920 allows enterprises to simply scan and transmit 1D and 2D barcode in real time to the host wirelessly or to store scanned data in the built-in memory.

User-friendly operation with a compact size
Featuring convenient single-button scanning design and convenience of wireless technology, MS920 enables users to make barcode data collection easy and efficient. MS920 is easily to carry around, while also supporting various mobile devices running on Windows, Android, or iOS. Measuring only 109mm long, 51 mm wide and 28 mm thick, MS920 is small in size and easy to carry around. In addition, running on rechargeable Li-Ion battery, it allows users to operate over 10 hours to work andcharge the built-in battery by utilizing a standard USB port.

Durable and superior performance
MS920 incorporates rugged design with an IP42 environmental sealing against moisture and dust, while also surviving a 1.5M drop to concrete. Combining highly visible 617nm red LED-based aimer with advanced scan engine, it can aim effectively well even in low light environment, yet, still delivers superior performance by capturing data from high density barcodes up to 4 mil resolution. Moreover, the read range of MS920 extends beyond competing scanners by an average of 60 percent.

Furthermore, MS920 offers batch mode as well as real-time data collection, connected to a host via automatic transferring. Providing class-leading motion tolerance of 4 inches per second, MS920 mini barcode scanner is ideal for streamlining productivity at customer-facing operations such as the point of sale, asset tracking management and healthcare applications.