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Product Release: Star Micronics Announces the Launch of AsuraCPRNT

AsuraCPRNT is Star’s First Interactive Communication Platform and Printer

May 16, 2013 -- Star Micronics transforms the customer engagement experience with the launch of its AsuraCPRNT (buy here from Legacy Technology Services). A robust and feature rich interactive communication platform, the AsuraCPRNT combines the company’s expertise in printing with peripheral management.

Used as a stand-alone terminal or able to be integrated into any infrastructure, this unique and interactive platform can provide thousands of applications and hundreds of solutions. Standing at 15 inches tall, the AsuraCPRNT offers more features and functionality than the larger, more expensive kiosks commonly used in the same environments. At its heart is a reliable ARM processor that manages a seven-inch touch-screen and high-speed three-inch printer. The AsuraCPRNT is available with optional integrated MSR and 2D imager, making it flexible to meet customer needs in any industry.

The AsuraCPRNT’s computing power offers the capability to display and deliver audiovisual messages on its own screen as well as on external digital signage, applications such as managing queues and loyalty programs, tracking inventory, operating as a self-service kiosk and so much more. It provides developers with the perfect platform to create applications that engage the customer and provide an interactive in-store experience. The AsuraCPRNT also has the ability to drive content to digital devices such as smartphones, merchant tablets and digital signage and is optimized to support connection of external USB peripherals such as a biometric scanner, WiFi/3G/4G dongle, camera and many others.

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