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Product Release: Star Micronics Launches the DK-AirCash

July 24, 2013 -- Expanding the field for mobile point of sale solutions, Star Micronics is excited to introduce its DK-AirCash (buy here from Legacy Technology Services) accessory for enabling secure cash payments in mPOS. Traditionally, cash drawers are controlled manually (key operated) or by a wired connection to a PC or through a wired connection to a printer.

.The DK-AirCash enables the control of the cash drawer either directly through an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection. Star’s DK-AirCash makes “wireless” operation of an existing hard-wired cash drawer possible. The DK-AirCash connects through the cash drawer’s drawer kick port. This effectively enables you to upgrade the existing cash drawer’s interface from a 24v printer connection to an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection.

Once physically connected, simply integrate the StarIO SDK (software development kit) into your application or download a Star driver to start using DK-AirCash. By allowing secure control of your cash drawer wirelessly, you now have flexibility to configure the store layout without restriction due to wiring or other traditional infrastructure limitations.

Available in Ethernet and Bluetooth models, Star’s DK-AirCash is a cost effective way to upgrade your cash drawer’s compatibility for mPOS. Join the mPOS revolution with Star’s DK-AirCash!

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