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Product Release: CipherLab Presents 9700 Series Industrial Mobile Computer Craft for Superior Indoor Applications

Intended to provide an intelligent mobile computer with features to satisfy demands for all your warehousing, distribution center and manufacturing usage.

Taipei, Taiwan - Aug. 15, 2014 - CipherLab, a reputable innovator in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) is thrilled to share the amazing features of the 9700 series mobile computer (buy here from Legacy Technology Services). The 9700 series mobile computer successfully fuses industrial ruggedness, flexible versatility and comfortable design. CipherLab 9700 series' new features provide excellent reliability and adaptable modularity in harsh environments.

"The 9700 series industrial mobile computer has all the features to produce in the warehousing and manufacturing verticals. Its data reading capabilities are specially made to excel within the four-wall environments. "We are really proud of the 9700 series' data collection capabilities in difficult environments. Our versatile reader options including 1D laser, 1D extended range laser, 2D imager, and near/far 2D imager are at your service. " Steven Liau, Chairman and President of CipherLab announced. "With a modular design for these readers, we confidently assure that the new 9700 series mobile computer could provide great advantages for your businesses."

The 9700 series industrial mobile computer has the approval of IP65 rating to defend against water and dust. Its resistance with multiple 1.8 m drops onto concrete and 500 tumbles at 1 m ensures ultimate ruggedness. It offers 3 different keypad options for users to deploy as needed in different situations. In particular, the 53 alphanumeric key serves as an alternative for terminal emulation. Instant data transmission is made possible with both IEEE 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n with CCXv4 certified and Bluetooth Class II, V2.1 with EDR. Moreover, Push-to-talk features voice transmission which pushes productivity even higher under WLAN support. Paired with 2 different battery options in 3600 mAh and 5400 mAh maintains the efficiency through long operation hours. Additionally, accessories like pistol grip and software support makes operation simple with 9700 series mobile computer.