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Part Number: A60AWCNLD31UN
Model Name: CP60
Manufacturer: CipherLab
Category: Mobile Computers
Specifications sheet (PDF)  Specifications sheet (PDF) for CipherLab CP60
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CipherLab CP60 Series Industrial Mobile Computer

The rugged CipherLab CP60 series is an industrial mobile computer designed to fully assist your staff in the field with the most cutting edge specifications. Crafted for the harsh environments of transportation & logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and field service, this tough mobile computer will allow your workers to maximize productivity with the most up-to-date technologies.

Modern and Tough - The Total Package in the Workplace
Designed specifically for applications in transportation and logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and field service, the CP60 series is rated with IP65/ IP67 standards and can withstand 1.8m drops onto concrete, which safeguards its productivity in harsh environments. Along with a powerful 1 GHz processor, CP60 provides operating system options and speeds up all calculations and data input process. CP60 is armed with the most flexible wireless communication options in the forms of 3.8G HSPA+, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth® V2.1. With the rise of 4G technology, CP60 is also ready to provide 4G LTE option. Having GPS / AGPS gives you the power to locate your staff and never get lost. Its on-board 4 GB flash memory coupled with 512 MB SDRAM, allows workers to store more data and run more software at maximum speed. Additionally, the 5 megapixel autofocus camera and versatile reader options give you dependable data under a vast variety of conditions.

Flexible OS Options with Powerful Processor
CP60 is truly one of a kind as it comes fully equipped with an option of operating systems in Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 and Windows® CE 6.0 R3 which can fulfill different demands of business and user preferences. On top of that, the powerful platform has the capacity to run these OS options smoothly, making all processes of calculation and data input or output quicker and more efficient.

Dependable Wireless Communications for Smooth Work Flow
The CP60 provides the most flexible wireless communication options which keep your field connections strong. 3.8G HSPA+, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth® V2.1 with EDR ensure stronger connection. Moreover, CP60 has provided optional 4G LTE possibilities. Such solid wireless connection keeps data transfer fast and continuous providing the most up-to-date information for better management decisions. Having 802.11 a/b/g/n further ensures to provide real-time data transmission within four walls environments. GPS/AGPS gives you total control of location and directions. Ultimately, CP60 saves precious time and simplify operation for productivity.

Versatile Data Capture Brings Ultimate Flexibility
The CP60’s versatile data capture comes in forms of laser reader, long range laser reader, and 2D imager. These reader options successfully extend the range of capturing data in various environments and applications. Besides, the 5 megapixel autofocus camera provides high quality document and image capture. The transflective display has excellent visibility under the bright sunlight outdoors and in environments with limited light source. In addition, the device also comes with numeric and QWERTY keypads for simple data input and edit. You may also choose the attachable pistol grip for maximum comfort, which ultimately increases labor output.

High Capacity Memory for Expanded Application
The CP60 features a large 4 GB flash memory capacity and 512 MB DRAM. It has the ability to store massive amounts of data and programs with 4 GB flash, and the programs can run smoothly with 512 MB DRAM. Catering to all different business demands, the high memory capacity provides the most flexible customization to fit your specific needs.

Extend Your Applications - Software Tools Tailored to Your Business
The CipherLab CP60 is made to fulfill a wide variety of business demands; therefore it includes software that can be easily customized to fit your business needs. Moreover, your staff can personally customize the device, or work with CipherLab to create the most efficient solution for your business. It doesn’t matter what your business demands may be, the CP60 has the most up-to-date solution for the job.

Free Pre-Loaded CipherLab Software for Immediate Uptime
The CipherLab CP60 series incorporates simple and effective navigation with the pre-loaded CipherLab SmartShell, enabling custom user interface settings. With signature capture software, customers can validate delivery items by signing directly on the device and provide an imaged proof of delivery. Push-to-talk allows easy peer-to-peer communication and connects with up to 8 people through WLAN connections while simultaneously transfer useful data.