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Part Number: AS31EC2BDBS01
Model Name: RS31
Manufacturer: CipherLab
Category: Mobile Computers
Specifications sheet (PDF)  Specifications sheet (PDF) for CipherLab RS31
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CipherLab RS31 Series Touch Mobile Computer

CipherLab has constructed the RS31 series as the new generation mobile computers with evolved specifications that satisfies the demanding industries of the field sales, field service, retail and healthcare. CipherLab adds special touches to the already resourceful RS30 and evolved it into the new and improved RS31. Its touch-centric control functions and improved features are protected with an even stronger and more durable design. Its dominating operating power with faster wireless connection enables an enhanced user experience. CipherLab RS31 offers everything your operation needs for a faster and smarter workflow.

The Next Generation Starts Today
CipherLab’s RS31 Series is the ultimate solution that provides an enhanced user experience in field sales, field service, retail and healthcare. Not only does the RS31 bring next generation processing power, it also has versatile reader options to support efficient data capture. This next-gen powerful touch computer combines rugged designs and long-lasting operational power. On top of all the advantages, the RS31 series provide practical applications and accessories that helps increase productivity and take business into the future.

Touch-centric Experience with Improved Operating System
The RS31 series has built-in multi-touch panel that provides a smooth touch-centric experience for its users. Its high sensible touch panel supports users’ touches from bare fingertips to latex gloves. Performing under the Andriod 6.0 operating system, the RS31 ensures minimal user training with similar personal smartphone operation experiences. Weighing at 260 grams, its lightweight design allows users to carry it around without any burdens. The RS31 series’ large 4.7” display panel, viewable under sunlight and dim ward with its high definition IPS LCD, allows for more viewable data so information checking and customer responses are quick and easy.

Reliable Data Protection Lasting All Day
The RS31 series’ reliable WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n) offers accurate data transmission and real time communication within four walls. Quick roaming and reconnection capabilities ensure no data loss while transmitting data. The RS31 series can maintain its functions over a full shift. The removable battery allows workers to start their day with a full charged battery. Unlike common smartphones, the RS31 series is also equipped with a backup battery. Most importantly, RS31’s backup battery protects the collected data from being lost and provides a 30-minute window for new battery replacement. The data doesn’t even have to be saved or transmitted to the backend system first. The information will be kept in the device when batteries die and the backup battery kicks in via hot-swap mechanism.

Extreme Rugged Design for Sophisticated Features
The sophisticated features of the RS31 is securely protected with CipherLab’s rugged designs. It has an upgraded IP67 rating which allows the RS31 the ability to sustain operation under heavy rain and dust in the field. The CipherLab RS31 series is also capable of sustaining a 1.2 m drop resistance and 150 tumbles at 0.5 m. When working with protective boot, the RS31 can sustain drops off a truck with its 1.5 m drop resistance and 300 tumbles at 0.5 m. The RS31’s multi-touch panel is fully protected with the Dragontrail™ Glass which has high resistance from scratches. Users can carry the RS31 around in pockets along with coins and keys free of worries. Additionally, the operating temperature range of the RS31 is widened for efficient operation in hot or cold weathers in the field.

Accurate Data Capture with Versatile Options
CipherLab’s RS31 series offers data capturing options in addition to other consumer-grade smartphones. The RS31 operates through CCD, laser and 2D readers to efficiently capture 1D and 2D barcodes within four walls and under sunlight. It also has the capabilities of reading RFID in short distances. The RS31’ s Near Far Communication (NFC) enables peer-topeer data communication and simplifies device upgrade and management for users. Moreover, built-in SAM slot allows data encryption for secure NFC payment applications.

Value-added Utilities for Efficient Management
The RS31 series provides businesses with a solution to efficiently manage all the distributed mobile devices with CipherLab Wireless Mobile Deployment System (WMDS) and Android Deployment Configurator (ADC). These applications provide a way to setup, monitor, upgrade and synchronize the device settings in all connected mobile devices. In addition, App-Lock allows you to have full control over the device to ensure workers’ productivity. It is also equipped with 3rd party programming software such as Kalipso Mobility Application Generator and SOTI MobiControl to help users customize applications and remote management.