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In A Box Solutions Cop In-a-Box - Mobile eEnforcement Bundled Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Mobile eEnforcement
Cop In-a-Box - Mobile eEnforcement allows police officers to quickly and efficiently handle parking violations. Using a form driven application, users may easily customize screens to capture all information needed to print a ticket on site. This solution provides the following benefits:

  • Assures accuracy while increasing efficiency, delivering a quick return on investment
  • Offers a complete set of data capture options such as photo capture, multiple violation fine calculation, digital audio notation, and GPS location coordinates
  • Captures all information for a highly detailed database allowing for a myriad of reports including route productivity, repeat offenders, and scofflaw

This solution is the perfect tool needed for officers managing campuses, city streets and highways.

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In a Box Solutions, Cop In-a-Box - Mobile eEnforcement - includes: Honeywell Dolphin 7600 Mobile Computer, 7600 Home Base, SATO MB400i Mobile Printer, PSS eEnforcement Software (Server and Client)

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