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Datalogic DS1500 Fixed Industrial Laser Barcode Scanner

Datalogic DS1500 Fixed Industrial Laser Bar Code Scanner

DS1500 miniaturization allows easy integration into OEM equipment and automatic machinery. The high scan rate and sophisticated electronic design effectively addresses difficult reading conditions.

Availability of embedded ACB™ (Advanced Code Builder) reconstruction SW algorithm allows consistent decoding of damaged or mis-applied labels (resulting in high tilt angles).

DS1500 installation and configuration is easy and simple thanks to compact size and to the new test operating mode with bar-graph. Test mode is activated by means of a pushbutton on the scanner (external PC not required) and the led bargraph shows the real time read percentage. This feature increases the scanner ease of installation and re-positioning during product changeovers in automated machinery.

DS1500 operates at a speed up to 1200scan/s, extending the application range also to high speed document handling, paper inserting, label rewinding and packaging machines. Additionally, the scanner motor can be switched ON and OFF via SW command. This feature is useful in very low throughput application or when the machine sits idle for long periods. A simple software command allows a prompt restoration of full operation when needed.


  • OEM integration
  • Chemical and biomedical analysis machines
  • Document handling
  • Print & Apply systems
  • Packaging machines
  • ATL (Automated Tape Library)

Rental and Repair of Datalogic DS1500 Fixed Industrial Laser Barcode Scanner is available - call for details

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