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Datalogic Matrix 450 Fixed Industrial Image-Based Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Matrix 450 Fixed Industrial Image-Based Barcode Reader

MATRIX 450™ is the high-end industrial 2D reader designed for logistic applications. Through 5 million pixels captured 15 times in a second, MATRIX 450™ enables a range of applications never covered before by a 2D-Imager. MATRIX 450™ perfectly meets the requirements of both automated and manual material handling.

Thanks to the extraordinary acquisition rate at very high resolution and the strong illuminator, it is the perfect solution for high speed transportation on small and middle size conveyors. With Matrix 450™ multiple reading attempts are no longer needed: the large area coverage in a single shot permits the highest throughput and maximum ease of use. Some additional features - continuous frame acquisition, no-flashing white illumination, colored spot indicators - actually make MATRIX 450™ the unprecedented solution for operator attended applications, as manual object presentation in overhead scanning mode or manual conveyor loading.

The ID-NET™ readers clustering permits to effectively extend the reading area for singleside and multi-side applications. Captured image are stored on-board and optionally transferred to external supports through the integrated Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

No moving parts, rugged metal construction, IP65 enclosure rate and operative temperature up to 50°C guarantee a long life cycle even in harsh industrial environments.


  • Transportation & Logistic
    • Automated sorting
    • Manual Postal sorting
  • Distribution and Retail
    • Order fulfillment and verification
    • Multimedia sorting
    • Reverse Logistics process

Rental and Repair of Datalogic Matrix 450 Fixed Industrial Image-Based Barcode Scanner is available - call for details

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