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Datalogic / PSC Magellan SL 360-Degree Scanner and Scanner/Scale

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Direct Replacement Not Available - Contact Us For Suggested Replacement
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Datalogic (Formerly PSC) Magellan SL® 360-Degree Scanner/Scale

The Sure-Thing for High Volume POS Environments: SlimLine Family
Magellan SL® is the SlimLine family of 360-degree scanners from PSC. Unlike some dual-plane scanners with their “blind spots”, Magellan SL® can simultaneously read the bottom and all four sides of store items—a full 360 degrees. An enhanced optical design has been combined with PSC's EDGETM advanced decoding software, making Magellan SL® the right choice for increased throughput, checker productivity, and profitability.

Magellan SL®'s stainless steel top and sapphire glass window are designed to last the life of the scanner. Internally, the light-weight facet wheel, single VLD, and advanced motor design deliver high reliability on the most critical components. Together these extra-durablility features ensure dependable performance for many years to come.

The Sure-Fit for the Grocery Checkstand – now and in the future
The Magellan SL® offers customer specific solutions for the grocery retailer through its size offerings, software decoding options, variety of Point-of-Sale connections, and user friendly features. Select from 5 different SlimLine models to fit your particular application and available checkout counterspace. Since PSC has been decoding retail bar codes since 1974, the Magellan SL® can read a wide variety of bar code labels including RSS (Reduced Space Symbology). All models connect to an extensive array of POS terminals. And finally, because eye contact and ease of use is important, checkers don’t have to twist, turn, or lift items to remain productive while scanning products with the Magellan SL®. Cashiers simply slide the items across the flushmounted top without orienting the label. Whatever your needs, Magellan SL® has a SlimLine model to fit the grocery checkstand — now and in the future.

All-WeighsTM Platter for Accuracy in Scale Applications
PSC’s exclusive L-shaped, All-Weighs Platter is standard on Magellan SL®. The vertical window and frame are part of the weigh platter, so your checkers can lean oversized produce intentionally or unintentionally, and get an accurate weight every time. With the All-Weighs Platter, you minimize shrinkage and that’s an advantage to your bottom line.

Magellan SL®: Simply the Sure-Thing
There are few sure-things in this world, but you can count on Magellan SL® from PSC. Productivity, versatility, comfort, accurate weighing, and reliability have never been more important. With Magellan SL® you’ll improve all 5, and you can be sure of that. Your checkers will feel the difference, and so will your bottom line.

Rental and Repair of Datalogic / PSC Magellan SL 360-Degree Scanner and Scanner/Scale is available - call for details

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Datalogic, Magellan SL, In-Counter Barcode Scanner (laser, standard range, long platter, RS-232 interface, no cable, no power supply)

This part is replaced by  DATALOGIC-DISCONTINUED

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