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Denso BHT-100Q Handheld CCD (1D) Mobile Computer

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Direct Replacement Not Available - Contact Us For Suggested Replacement
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Denso BHT-100Q Bar Code Handy Terminal

Great Variety for the Most Varied Requirements. Unsurpassed Functionality and Ease of Operation.
Experience the comfortable variety of mobile terminals: Denso’s BHT-100 series ensures highest functionality with simplest operation. As well as extensive comfort functions for the most varied requirements, an outstanding feature of the series is its range of devices with special functions. You can also choose between Microsoft® Windows® CE 3.0 and Denso Operation System operating systems.

Optimised Scanning*
Rapid scanning of high-density bar codes can also be scanned from a great distance: a laser beam determines the scan range and simplifies the reading of target bar codes.
*(all 1D models except BHT-100 Q)

Comfort Functions (For All Modles)

  • Rounded, Ergonomic Design
    • Comfortable and easy handling; excellent functionality.
  • Large, High-Resolution Display
    • Large screen with 200 x 320 pixel resolution enables quick viewing of large amounts of text; the display has four shades of grey for improved text and image rendering.
  • Touch Screen
    • Easy to use menus can be called up using a touch pen.
  • Remote Wake-Up
    • The device can be operated remotely from a host computer using the communication unit (with battery charger) – ideal for offsite maintenance operations.
  • Back-Lit Keyboard/Display
    • Ensures perfect operation, even in the dark.
  • CCD Technology (Charged Coupled Device)
    • No moving parts
    • Veryrobust
  • Increased Operational Life
    • Reduced energy consumption means it remains on standby for twice as long as standard mobile terminals.
  • Silent Vibration Signal
    • Can be set instead of a signal tone.

Rental and Repair of Denso BHT-100Q Handheld CCD (1D) Mobile Computer is available - call for details

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