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Equinox Payments

Equinox Payments, LLC, is an industry-leading point-of-sale terminal manufacturer and applications developer that was created on August 4, 2011 when The Gores Group purchased Hypercom Corporation’s United States assets. Equinox is comprised of Hypercom Corporation’s former United States operations, but adds to it a significant number of platform development, security, supply chain and other key experts from Hypercom’s global operations to create a highly-competitive, standalone company.

Equinox, already a top 10 terminal manufacturer worldwide by shipment volume, operates out of its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as from offices throughout the United States, Latvia, Singapore, Manila and Australia and a service repair facility in Mexico. Equinox products and services include all payment terminals and peripherals Hypercom previously offered to the United States, including the T4200 countertop, M4200 mobile and L5000 retail product families, as well as all software, terminal management systems and other services supporting these products. Equinox also offers the L4100 and L5000 payment terminals to US-based large retail customers for certain international applications.

All product names remain unchanged, but are branded Equinox or Equinox/Hypercom. The company’s initial focus will be on the United States, but stay tuned as Equinox will be introducing new products worldwide shortly.

What Equinox Does

Intersection and balance. The Equinox payment terminal connects the physical world of the merchant store to the virtual world of payment processing. Equinox embodies the inflection point at which we achieve perfect balance between robust devices and secure applications to let you manage your payment terminal with the same dexterity with which you manage your own business.

About The Gores Group

The Gores Group, LLC, is a private equity firm focused on acquiring controlling interests in mature and growing businesses which can benefit from the firm’s operating experience and flexible capital base. The firm combines the operational expertise and detailed due diligence capabilities of a strategic buyer with the seasoned M&A team of a traditional financial buyer The Gores Group, which was founded in 1987 by Alec E. Gores, has become a leading investor having demonstrated over time a reliable track recored of creating substantial value in its portfolio companies alongside management. The firm’s current private equity fund has committed equity capital of more than $4 billion. Headquartered in Los Angeles, The Gores Group maintains offices in Boulder, CO and London.

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Equinox Payments

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