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At Legacy Technology Services, we support discontinued devices with high-performance accessories by GTS Global Technology Systems.  GTS batteries, chargers and powered holsters are 100% compatible with OEM devices.  With GTS accessories customers will have continued support for many retired devices from companies like Intermec, Honeywell and Zebra (formerly Motorola-Symbol).

Popular devices that are supported include the following:

OEM Manufacturer Model Part Number & Description
Intermec CN3

HCN3-LI Battery


HCK30-LI Battery


HCN50-LI Battery

HCN50-LI-G Genius Battery

HCH-CN51H50 5-Bay Holster Charger

HCN51-H(UBC) Charging Holster with Belt Clip

HCN51-H(UBL) Charging Holster with Belt Loop

HCH-CN50DC-CHG DC Car Cradle Charger

Honeywell Dolphin 7850

HHP7850-LI High-Performance Battery

Dolphin 9500

HHP9500-LI Battery

(formerly Motorola-Symbol)
MC3000 / MC3100

HMC3X00-LI(H) High Capacity Battery

HMC3X00-LI(H)-G High Capacity Genius Battery

HMC3X00-LI(S) Standard Capacity Battery

HMC3X00-LI(S)-G Standard Capacity Genius Battery

HCH-3003-CHG 3-Bay Battery Charger

HCH-3006-CHG 6-Bay Battery Charger

HCH-3009-CHG 9-Bay Battery Charger

HCH-3010-CHG Single Cradle Charger

HCH-3010RU-CHG Single Cradle Charger (USB)

HCH-3010E-CHG Single Cradle Ethernet Charger

HCH-3030-CHG 3-Bay Cradle Charger

HCH-3033-CHG 3-Bay Terminal / 3-Bay Battery Cradle Charger

HCH-3060-CHG 6-Bay Cradle Charger


HMC50-LI Battery

MC55 / MC65

HMC55-LI(1.5X) Battery

HMC55-LI(1.5X)-50 Battery (50 Pack)

HMC55-H(UBC) Charging Holster with Belt Clip

HCN51-H(UBL) CN51 Charging Holster with Belt Loop

HCH-5510VL-CHG-DESK Vehicle Cradle Charger

MC70 / MC75

HMC70-LI(22) Battery

HMC70-LI(36) Battery

HMC70-LI(36)-G Genius Battery

HMC70-LI(48) Battery

HMC70-LI(48)-G Genius Battery

HCH-7033-CHG 3-Bay Cradle and 3-Bay Battery Charger

HCH-7003-CHG 3-Bay Battery Charger

HCH-7006-CHG 6-Bay Battery Charger

HCH-7010-CHG Single Cradle Charger

HCH-7010RU-CHG Single Cradle Charger (USB)

HCH-7010VL-CHG-DESK Travel and Desk Charger

HCH-7010V-CHG DC Travel Charger

HCH-7030-CHG 3-Cradle Charger

HCH-7060-CHG 6-Cradle Charger

HMC70-H(UBC) Charging Holster with Belt Clip

HMC70-H(UBL) Charging Holster with Belt Loop


H4090-LI Battery

H4090-LI(2X) Extended Capacity Battery

H4090-LI-G Genius Battery

H4090-LI(2X)-G Extended Capacity Genius Battery

Telxon 960XDS

H960SL-LI Battery