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Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola) WiNG Express NX 5500E Integrated Services Controller

Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola) ExtremeWireless WiNG Express NX 5500E Manager

In today’s mobile economy, small to midsize businesses share many of the same wireless networking needs as a large business. Employees, business partners, and customers need and expect the same high-performance enterprise-class wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity — a WLAN that offers the wired-style speeds required to maximize network efficiency and rock-solid security, with around-the-clock dependability, automated network tuning, and self-healing. And just like large businesses, small to medium-sized businesses need the network analytics and tools to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot the WLAN and all its connected devices.

The ExtremeWireless WiNG Express NX 5500E makes cost-effective, high- performance, enterprise-grade wireless networking a reality for your growing business and operations. Now, you can give your workers and customers the reliable wireless connectivity they need to maximize productivity and deliver best-in-class service to each and every customer. The result? Real competitive advantage.

Flexibility for Your Growing Business
The NX 5500E offers the agility a growing business needs. Your network needs could change fast, from expanding office or warehouse space at the same location to acquiring multiple locations across the country. The NX 5500E provides network flexibility and simple scaling, supporting various network topologies and hierarchical management, accommodating up to 512 access points.

Get Your Network and Remote Sites up and Running in Minutes with Easy Zero-Touch Deployments
With WiNG Express, you don’t need to understand advanced configuration options to get your network up and running. Easy site setup and intuitive auto-provisioning policy allows easy multi-site deployments. Just power up your access points to automatically discover and provision your access points with the predefined configurations. Your enterprise-class WLAN is ready to go in minutes.

When it comes to remote site deployments, the NX 5500E supports up to 128 access points. No local IT staff is needed. No local controller appliances required. Simply install the APs, and when they are powered on, they will be automatically configured with the latest firmware and location policies, and brought online. It’s that simple!

Investment Protection
As your business continues to grow, your needs may scale beyond the NX 5500E, but with WiNG Express’s hierarchical management, the NX 5500E continues to be part of the network. It can be managed by a WiNG Express NX 7500E or VX 9000E, expanding your network capabilities to more sites, more users, and up to 1024 access points with seamless migration and management without re-architecting the network and requiring new training. This is the investment protection and return on investment that midsize businesses expect.

Powerful Analytics Made Easy
WiNG Express presents the volumes of information about your access points and their radios, all of your WLANs, and all of the mobile devices connected to your WLANs in easy-to-understand screens that make it easy to monitor and manage every aspect of your enterprise-class wireless network.

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