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Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola) ExtremeWireless WiNG T5 System

Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola) ExtremeWireless WiNG T5 System

Hotels are facing a major challenge: guests expect superior in-room Wi-Fi performance on all their mobile devices. To further complicate the challenge, more than half of today’s business guests travel with three or four devices – including smartphones, tablets, and laptops – putting tremendous pressure on your existing wireless LAN. While upgrading to a high-density wireless LAN that supports the needs of these devices might solve the problem, the cost to do so has been cost- prohibitive – until now.

With the T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2 system from Extreme Networks, you can cost- effectively deliver high-speed wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage inside every guest room in your hotel and expand your wireless network bandwidth to accommodate more devices – without having to install new or rip-and-replace existing wiring. Its unique in-room architecture combines with the ability to utilize existing telephone wiring to bring a new level of affordability to high-performance, high-speed, in-room Wi- Fi services that will improve the guest experience – and guest retention.

One AP per Guest Room for the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience
Having one TW-522 in each guest room radically improves signal levels and power. Now, every smartphone, wearable device, and laptop a guest brings can be supported with superior connectivity and lightning speeds. Plus, guests can enjoy the latest and coolest technology, such as ultra-high definition streaming voice and video, gaming, BYON, and IPTV. All this goes far to set your business apart from the rest.

Unlike Ethernet-based solutions that require a CAT 5/6 cable to every room, the T5 solves a problem for hotels that do not have Ethernet cable. T5 enables a micro-cell architecture in every hotel room to deliver personal wireless to a new generation of 802.11ac guest devices – new tablets, new smartphones. Personal wireless is all about delivering the at-home experience without compromising and without the fear of constantly upgrading. The T5 solution solves that problem, quickly and cost- effectively.

T5 Wi-Fi Over VDSL2 System Architecture
The T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2 system allows you to easily and cost-effectively deliver 802.11ac high-speed, high-availability wireless network service in your guest rooms over your existing telephone wiring. Simply install the TS-524 Wi-Fi Over VDSL2 switch between your PBX and the telephone connections in your guest rooms. A single TW-522 Wall Plate replaces the wired phone wall plate in one guest room to provide robust wireless coverage in the room in which it is installed. The TW-522 has a jack for the wired in-room phone as well as two switched Ethernet 10/100 ports. The TW-522 only requires a screwdriver to install, allowing you to upgrade your wireless Wi-Fi network in record time. The result? The high-speed dependable in- room Wi-Fi services your guests expect on all their devices – all at a minimal cost.

The T5 System Components

  • TS-524: PowerBroadBand Switch
    Installed in the central telephone room, the TS-524 Switch is interconnected with the in-building telephone wire, transparent to the analog telephone already on the wire pair. The TS-524 provides up to 100Mbps backhaul data, along with Adaptive Line Power, an Extreme Networks patented technology. Each switch provides device provisioning, status, statistics, and RF management for up to 24 TW-522 wireless wall plate access points.

    Up to 12 TS-524 switches can be clustered together, supporting up to 480 access points, from a single TS-524 that acts as a cluster manager. Centralized access point provisioning, consolidated status, and key performance metrics are all visible from this master.
  • TW-522: Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wall Plate Access Point
    The TW-522 dual-radio access point supports the next wave in Wi-Fi devices. By supporting the new 802.11ac standard, the TW-522 increases the number of mobile devices that can reliably connect to the network and ensures compatibility with the newest wireless device drivers.


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