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ID Innovations

ID Innovations was founded in 1993 to provide low cost, high performance hardware and software solutions for the identification market.  This market is ever changing and continually growing, requiring products that evolve and a manufacturer with an understanding of the market's need. All of ID Innovations' products show our commitment to engineering excellence and attention to detail. The introduction of our Intelligent Magnetic Card Reader in 1993 set the standard to which all others attempted to emulate, in name and feature.  ID Innovations’ USB products are one of a kind in their versatility and ease of use.  No other USB product offers MultiMode support where one USB device offers multiple output modes. From the simplest to the most demanding of applications our products are up to the task.

Our personable technical support staff has all the answers for your identification technology needs. In order to improve our products and services, we welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have. Our goal is to become your partner in providing solutions for your identification technology needs. We offer Value through superior products, excellent technical and sales support, and a genuine interest in seeing you succeed.  ID Innovations is the one True Innovation in today’s market. The following are just a few of our customers:

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ID Innovations

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