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ID Innovations AnyLabel Software

ID Innovations AnyLabel Software

AnyLabel for Windows sets the standard for label printing software. From the opening screen, you will see that AnyLabel takes a unique and intuitive approach to label design. With AnyLabel, you work with the entire page, not just one label, and each label on the page may contain different information. Create labels in any combination of colors, text, bar codes and graphics, using any angle of rotation. When designing labels, use one of over 2000 predefined label formats, or define your own. AnyLabel provides the power to quickly create professional quality labels with ease.

Desktop Publishing Features
AnyLabel provides superior desktop publishing features to speed the label design process. A WYSIWYG display with customizable rulers, guides and variable zooms from 17% to 7500% allow you to precisely place objects on the label. A extensive set of alignment tools allow you to align objects on the label, with one another, and to space them equally between two points. Rotate text, bar codes, shapes, and graphics at any angle to 0.01 degree accuracy. Multi-Level undo is provided to allow you to correct errors. A toolbar and ribbon provides one step access to the most common functions.

Graphic Image Support
Add graphic images to your labels to give them a more professional appearance. Use any TWAIN compliant scanner or camera to import graphics directly into AnyLabel. Once imported, you may resize, rotate, flip, invert, lighten, darken, mosaic, posterize, sharpen, blur, slant, or crop the graphic image as desired. Export selected objects to a graphic file at a specified DPI. Import and export images in 28 different graphics formats and hundreds of variants, including: JPEG, Kodak Photo CD (Import Only), TIFF, PNG Compuserve Graphic Format, PCX, GIF, Windows & OS/2 BMP, Windows Metafile, Postscript Raster (EPS), WPG, TARGA, MSP, MacPaint, GEM, CALS, Sun Raster, CMP.

Bar Code Features
AnyLabel supports over 20 different bar code symbologies with over 30 options. Symbologies include: PDF417 (Included on CD) Code 39, 128, 93, 11, UPC, EAN, Bookland-EAN, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey, Codabar, Postnet and FIM. Specify the density of your bar codes in dots, CPI, mil, percentage and approximate width. Interactively resize your bar codes to fit the exact space available with no need to guess the appropriate density. No other labeling package gives you the complete bar code control that AnyLabel provides.

Import Data From a Database
AnyLabel allows you to import records from dBASE III/IV, FOXPRO, CLIPPER and ASCII (CSV) data files. Data may be merged into text, bar code, and picture fields on the label. A scanning feature allows you to trap the following types of errors: clipped objects, invalid pictures, invalid bar codes, high resolution bar codes, empty objects, blank labels. AnyLabel can even log data printed to an external file for tracking purposes.

Create Serial Numbers
Serial number text, bar code, and picture fields can automatically increment or decrement to your needs. A serial number consists of a picture mask, the starting number, and increment amount. Date and Time fields Create labels that automatically include the current date and time in either text or bar code form. Date and time fields can be in any of the 42 supported formats.

Create Prompt at Print Time fields
Prompt at print time fields are fields that prompt the user for the value to be used when the label is printed. When prompted, type in the data to be used and specify the number of times to use the data or select "Use same value for rest of print run." This allows you to easily print any quantity of similiar labels with minor variations in data. If you create a prompt at print time picture field, a locate button is available to help you find the proper graphic file.

Numerous Industry Standard Templates
From the opening screen of AnyLabel you may select from a wide variety of industry standard templates. Covering a wide variety of the most common industrial, military, and business applications, they can be used "as is" or modified to fit your exact needs. Templates include AIAG, LOGMARS, AT&T, EIA, MH-10, UCC Shipping container codes, Business reply mail, and Envelopes. Simply select the template you desire and enter your specific data requirements when prompted.

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