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Ingenico Baracoda RoadRunners Evolution 2D Full Imager Barcode Scanner

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Direct Replacement Not Available - Contact Us For Suggested Replacement
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Ingenico Baracoda RoadRunners Evolution 2D Full Imager

Baracoda RoadRunners Evolution is designed for intensive barcodes reading in multiple environments. Two versions are available in order to allow reading either 1D (CMOS) or 2D (Full Imager) barcodes. Baracoda RoadRunners Evolution fully meets needs of field services, parcel delivery, asset tracking, warehouse management and also healthcare, e-Ticketing and logistics applications.

  • Ideal for mobile applications
    • RoadRunners Evolution 2D has a slick design, is small and lightweight (fits neatly in one hand and can be easily attached to a belt via the key retractable reel accessory).
    • Very reliable, efficient, durable.
  • Rugged product
    RoadRunners Evolution 2D, with its 3 mm of plastic casing protected by an additional layer of elastomer and the optional protective boot, is particularly adapted to harsh environments and remain fully functional even after multiple drops on concrete.
  • Extremely durable battery
    RoadRunners Evolution 2D can read more than 15,000 barcodes over 48 hours of continuous use. Battery monitoring: check in real time the battery status of the reader on your mobile device.
  • Superior reading quality
    Can decode damaged or low quality barcodes.
  • “No Data Loss” mode and auto-reconnection
    When RoadRunners is connected to a host, scanned barcodes are transmitted in real time to the host. Barcodes are stored within internal memory until they are acknowledged by the application. If you scan barcodes out of the radio range, they will be stored in memory and automatically downloaded when getting back into range.
  • Timestamp
    Associate a date and a time to the scanned data.
  • Batch mode
    This mode enables the RoadRunners Evolution 2D to store up to 20,000 UPC barcodes with timestamp.
  • Intuitive user interface
    • Same button to switch on, connect and scan barcodes.
    • Multi color LED for connection and battery status.
    • Sound beeps for successful scanning (loud volume option available for noisy environment).
  • Platforms compatibility
    Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID provides you with an easy-to-use middleware (Baracoda Manager) and a SDK to ease the integration on the following mobile platforms: PC (including Windows 7); WM5/WM6; Windows phone; CE.NET; Symbian series 9 (mobile phones); Java phones (BlackBerry and JSR82) and Android (from 2.1 version).
  • Plug & Scan solutions
    For instant replacement of corded scanners, Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID supplies advanced Bluetooth Serial (RS232) and USB adapters with its wireless scanners. Just Plug & Scan – there is no need for driver installation.

Rental and Repair of Ingenico Baracoda RoadRunners Evolution 2D Full Imager Barcode Scanner is available - call for details



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Ingenico, Baracoda RoadRunners Evolution 2D, Cordless Bluetooth Handheld (Palm) Barcode Scanner with Standard Range 2D Imager (Scan Engine: Area Imager (Honeywell IT5180SF), Interface: Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Memory: 1MB Flash, Includes: Rechargeable Battery and Charging Adapter, Color: White)

This part is replaced by  DISCONTINUED

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