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Honeywell (formerly Intermec) 681 / 682 Mobile Receipt Printer

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Honeywell (formerly Intermec) PR2 / PR3 Durable Mobile Receipt Printers
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Intermec® 681 and 682 Mobile Receipt Printer

The Intermec® 681 and 682 thermal and dot matrix printers are small, light durable units that can be used in even the most challenging delivery environments. They offer exceptional print clarity and versatility. These printers can quickly print both standard and bar coded receipts plus signature capture.

Intermec printers have the features that maximize portability and minimize size and the ability to withstand the rugged conditions of distribution applications. Their functional design makes paper loading easy and Lithium-Ion batteries offer maximum capacity power with reduced weight.

Both the 681T (thermal) and 681DM (dot matrix) portable printers are fully compatible with a wide variety of current model Intermec mobile computers including the 600, 6200 and 6100 Series of mobile computers.

The reliable printer mechanism of the Intermec 681/682 enables use in the most challenging delivery environment. This durability does not come at the expense of print quality, as the 681/682 printers offers exceptional print clarity and the versatility of graphics capability for logos and even bar codes.

The automatic power saving sleep mode and quick three hour recharge time along with the vehicle charger option creates the optimum application solution for a long service day.

682T and 682DM Printer Workboards
Designed specifically to hold the Intermec 600 Series mobile computer, the 682T and 682DM printer workboards offer a rugged one piece solution. The 682T features a 40-column direct thermal printer while the 682DM features a 40-column dot matrix printer.

Both workboards accommodate a hand strap, shoulder strap or are capable of being mounted in a vehicle. Durable in design, these workboards easily take the punishment of daily work environments.

Rental and Repair of Honeywell (formerly Intermec) 681 / 682 Mobile Receipt Printer is available - call for details



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