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Honeywell (formerly Intermec) Browser (IB) - Formerly Known as iBrowse - Software

Intermec Browser (IB) (formerly known as iBrowse) Software

Intermec Browser (IB) Lockdown Web Browser
Intermec Browser (IB), the next generation of Intermec’s popular data collection and lockdown browser (formerly known as iBrowse) and part of Intermec Client Pack (ICP), is a lockdown Web browser created for enterprises who wish to utilize Web-based applications, but want to control their users’ access to the Web.

Intermec Browser restricts user access to specified applications, Web sites and other parts of the operating system. Users can access only authorized links provided on the “Home” page and are unable to exit the browser to access other applications or even the Start menu. With Intermec Browser, there is more control over program flow to create directed applications and remove any end user confusion.

With features such as a custom meta tag for barcode scanning, the ability to update settings remotely, and support for the ActiveX control for RFID from the RFID Developer Resource Kit, Intermec Browser provides a browser environment suitable for the unique demands of enterprise data collection applications. IB also ensures settings will be maintained in the event the Intermec handheld computer needs to be reset.

A custom Edit control is provided to extend the standard edit box allowing developers to enable and disable the scanner when the text box loses focus. Developers can also set an application to automatically move focus to the next field when a scan is completed.

Intermec Browser includes a battery power indicator and a WLAN signal strength indicator on the tool bar to always keep your end user informed and to ensure data integrity.

Because Intermec Browser is based on the browser engine resident on the operating system, it supports common Web technologies and industry standards such as HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX and XML, ensuring compatibility.

While Intermec Browser and Intermec iLaunch are offered separately, they can be combined to provide a complete solution for locking down a mobile computer. iLaunch, a configurable lockdown menu program, prevents end users from accessing the Start menu and other non-authorized applications but allows them access to up to five mission critical programs within the browser.

Keeping software up-to-date is critical to maximizing the integrity of your data and the productivity of your workforce. The ICP annual maintenance plan includes free software maintenance and updates, free telephone support and discounted upgrades as well as product support beyond the warranty period.

IB is part of the single license available for the Intermec Client Pack (ICP). ICP is a software bundle that brings flexibility to browser-based applications by providing both a data collection and lockdown browser (Intermec Browser) and a data collection and lockdown terminal emulator (Intermec Terminal Emulator) in a single software bundle through a single license. The license offers the choice to run either or both programs.

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