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Janam Stay-Linked Thin Client Terminal Emulation Software

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Direct Replacement Not Available - Contact Us For Suggested Replacement
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Janam Stay-Linked Thin Client Terminal Emulation Software

Stay-Linked is a Janam ISV Partner with a true thin-client terminal emulation model that provides remote access to host-based emulation sessions and applications for wireless mobile devices. Stay-Linked utilizes a unique and proprietary Client2Host™ architecture, in which thin-client software installed on a remote Janam device is used to connect to 5250/3270, VT100/220 and SSHv2 host systems.

The Stay-Linked Thin Client model is a complete solution developed specifi cally for wireless environments. Terminal sessions reside on the host computer while the Stay-Linked thin-client device software, which is used to send keystrokes and scans to the host-resident session, resides on the mobile computer. Mobile workers experience the highest level of performance, connection reliability and data security while centralized help desk IT staff enjoy total visibility and control of remote devices. Even if the mobile computer is offl ine, the help desk can monitor, take control of, share, transfer or partner with the host-resident session via the GUI-based Stay-Linked Administrator console.

Benefits of Stay-Linked Solutions:

  • TE Sessions as Reliable as Your Host System: Terminal emulation sessions run on the host system, making it as reliable and as robust as the host system it is running on.
  • Security to Meet the Toughest Requirements: Stay-Linked’s thin-client architecture provides an added layer of security to existing wireless networks. All TE application screen and captured data is encrypted. There is no “clear-text” Telnet or SSHv2 communication in the device to host system data stream. Plus, there’s no Telnet or SSHv2 client on user devices, only the Stay-Linked thin client. With Stay-Linked, the Telnet or SSHv2 communication takes places within the host system where it is most secure.
  • Productivity-Enhancing Performance: Stay-Linked thin-client terminal emulation is noticeably faster than traditional “device-side” products. End-users consistently describe Stay-Linked’s scan-to-scan readiness and overall screen responsiveness as “snappy”.
  • Robust APIs: Stay-Linked features a robust set of Host APIs for seamlessly and dynamically integrating Stay-Linked functionality with host screen applications.
  • Centralized Confi guration, Control and Management: The Stay-Linked Administrator Windows GUI Console application allows help desk IT staff to centrally manage all Stay-Linked thin-client connected devices, host-based terminal emulation sessions and settings, and licensing too. The help desk can interactively manage TE user sessions to monitor them, take them over, share them, or transfer them to the control of a new device even if a user’s device is offl ine.
  • Network-Friendly Communication: Constant TCP/IP device to host communication is not needed with Stay-Linked’s quiet UDP/IP-based protocol. As a result, network traffi c and bandwidth consumption is reduced (continuous communication with the host system between scans or key presses is not required).

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Janam, Accessory, stay-linked single TE license (includes 1ST year maintenance) can only be sold with Janam terminal

This part is replaced by  DISCONTINUED

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Janam, Accessory, stay-linked single TE license with terminal management (includes 1ST year maintenance) can only be sold with Janam terminal

This part is replaced by  DISCONTINUED

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