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Logic Controls

Logic Controls, Inc. designs and manufactures point-of-sale (POS) and kitchen video display systems, POS peripherals and industrial computers. Logic Controls offers both integrated POS systems and distributed POS bundles. In the mid-1990s, Logic Controls started to offer kitchen display system hardware when it introduced the Logic Net® products. Logic Net® was originally designed to meet IBM's restaurant system requirements and was subsequently private labeled by IBM. Logic Controls' broad POS peripheral product line includes customer pole displays, programmable keyboards, cash drawers, magnetic stripe readers and touch screen monitors. It is known for having the industry's most popular and reliable customer displays. Logic Controls line of industrial computers are known for being fanless and having ultra-compact form factors.

Drawing over 25 years of expertise in hardware design and manufacturing, Logic Controls' products are known in the market for their reliability, advanced functionality and value. Logic Controls has been granted 15 U.S. and foreign patents with an additional 7 pending.

Logic Controls specializes in designing and manufacturing a broad line of high technology products for three different product lines:

1. Kitchen Display systems
2. Point-of-Sale systems and peripherals
3. Industrial computers

Logic Controls' products are known in the market for their reliability, advanced functionality and value. They are installed in tens of thousands of chain and independent stores world-wide.

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Logic Controls

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