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MCL Technologies

Your Success is Our Success
MCL Technologies is dedicated to providing high-productivity software products to accelerate the development, integration, and deployment of intelligent Auto-ID applications for mobile computers and barcode label printers.

With our MCL-Collection, a globally leading software offering, we provide a modular architecture to create end-to-end data capture solutions that integrate mobile computing, wireless infrastructures, and data capture technologies like barcode scanning, touch screens, radio frequency identification, and voice recognition.

Ever since the release of our first rapid application development tool in 1992, we have been simplifying the creation of Auto-ID solutions for organizations the world over.

We are continually exploring new ideas and innovating new technologies to help organizations create data capture solutions that address their specific business problems.

Our business model is a clearly defined one. We are a software company. We have no direct sales. Rather, we OEM our software to a number of technology partners through which our products have a route to the global market. In fact, we only sell our products through these OEM partners and select distributors. What’s more, we offer software tools; we do not offer services. We do not develop data capture applications, nor do we provide consulting services to create such applications. Creating solutions is the domain of the end-users, value added resellers and systems integrators that use our products. We greatly value our business relationships with the various solution integrators. Consequently, we decline to offer competitive services that could cause channel conflict with them.

Our business philosophy is to pursue win-win business relationships with all our partners. We have, therefore, structured our business accordingly.

Our business — and our commitment — is to make the best software products possible so customers can focus on solving business issues and leave the technical issues to us.

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MCL Technologies

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