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MagTek Flash Card Reader

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Direct Replacement Not Available - Contact Us For Suggested Replacement
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

MagTek Flash Card Reader

Secure transactions, anywhere, anytime. The Flash is a Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) that offers faster mobile transactions. It leverages the card swipe to capture data for maximum convenience and security. Ideal for payments where cabled or wireless connections are not accessible, the Flash makes secure card transactions available to any retail application, regardless of where it is conducted.

With the Flash, the card data is not only captured in a single swipe, but is also encrypted at the moment of swipe. This enables dozens of transactions to be stored within a single reader. The encrypted information can then later be transferred to a PC, where an application can retrieve the transactions to reconcile orders, verify cardholder data, and process transactions. With security features that exceed the current requirements for card data protection and transaction security, the Flash offers the convenience demanded by today’s on-the-go users.

Rental and Repair of MagTek Flash Card Reader is available - call for details

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MagTek, Secure card reader, flash, memory enabled, battery powered, encrypting device, must have encryption key loaded

This part is replaced by  DISCONTINUED

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