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Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola) AP 5131 Access Point Product

This product has been discontinued. Please refer to  Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola) AP 6532 Access Point
Certified refurbished product may be available, please call us for details

Motorola / Symbol AP5131 Access Point

Combination Wired/Wireless Networking for Branch Offices and Small Businesses
Designed for small offices and retail locations, the AP-5131 delivers wired and wireless networking with enterprise-class performance and security in a single device. This easy-to-deploy solution offers the flexibility to connect securely to remote corporate private networks, the Internet and local network resources with the speed and reliability to support the most demanding applications, including realtime video and voice. The all-in-one AP-5131 delivers a new level of cost-efficiency and networking simplicity for employees in branch offices or telecommuters working at home. The 5131 boasts an integrated router, firewall, VPN, DHCP, AAA, hotspot gateway, and other services in one remotely manageable device, simplifying network set-up and management.

Support for today’s standards-based security protocols ensures enterprise-level protection for users on wireless laptops and other mobile devices, as well as wired computers. A wide variety of administration features provide powerful and secure control by either local, non-technical staff or remote IT professionals in the Network Operations Center.

The dual-radio architecture offers the flexibility to best meet wireless LAN networking and security needs through either dual-band data services, or single-band data services and full-band rogue AP detection, which identifies and reports unauthorized entities on the network. A complete suite of dual and single-band antennas provides the versatility to customize radio coverage for even the most challenging environments, with a minimal number of access points.

The AP-5131 supports an adaptive AP mode of operation for deployments at remote branch offices. This enables customers to deploy access points at remote sites and centrally manage them from a wireless switch located at the headquarters or NOC site. A Remote Site Survivability (RSS) feature allows the AP-5131 to continue uninterrupted wireless service even when the connection to the wireless switch is lost. All traffic between the adaptive access points and the wireless switch can be secured using an IPSec tunnel.

To enable the extension of wireless network coverage to areas where ethernet or fiber cabling is cost-prohibitive or otherwise impractical, the AP-5131 can operate wirelessly, connecting to other access points for data backhaul, in a mesh topology. Enabling an array of applications, from simple point-to-point bridges connecting two wired networks, to complex multi-node, multi-link networks, this features offers a cost-effective way to extend the network outdoors or in remote areas, relying on a highly resilient, self-configuring system. Taking advantage of the dual-radio architecture and the easy-to-use configuration interface, it becomes a simple task to deploy a wireless network of access points connected securely via 802.11a, providing enterprise-class 802.11b/g service.

The AP-5131 integrates AirDefense sensor firmware allowing customers to deploy AP-5131’s with one radio configured for WLAN coverage and the second radio configured as an AirDefense sensor for 24x7 compliance monitoring, rogue detection and termination, and troubleshooting. Dedicating a radio for AirDefense sensor functionality gives the highest level of security compared to other IPS solutions that share the same radio for WLAN coverage and IPS on a time sliced basis. The integrated AirDefense sensor also eliminates the need for dedicated sensor hardware and associated cabling thereby reducing the overall deployment cost.

Extreme Networks

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