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Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola) AP 8132 Modular 802.11n Access Point

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Direct Replacement Not Available - Contact Us For Suggested Replacement
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Zebra (formerly Motorola / Symbol) AP 8132 Modular 802.11n Access Point

The AP 8132 goes beyond typical AP functionality and features. In addition to providing high-speed network access for customers and staff, its modular design also enables you to more efficiently deploy applications where they are most needed. By leveraging your wireless network, the AP 8132 lets you deploy these applications without the time, effort and cost of having to install additional hardware and cabling.

It’s all about applications. Applications that keep you connected with your customers. That support and empower your mobile employees. That help you maximize operational efficiency and reduce costs. Whatever industry you’re in — retail, hospitality, healthcare or any other — today you depend more and more on applications that are accessed on mobile devices, such as mobile computers, smartphones and tablets, using today’s powerful 802.11n Wi-Fi networks.

But as crucial as they are, deployment of hardware for applications that traditionally leverage a wired network connection — such as sensor networks, RFID tracking systems, IP video cameras, and many more — can be challenging. In most cases, it involves pulling network and power cabling for each application. This can be costly in terms of hardware and complex in terms of network deployment and management.

The AP 8132 is the industry’s first modular access point. Its innovative design lets you simply snap on modules to extend functionality beyond that of traditional access points. Now you can leverage the AP 8132 to easily deploy hardware-based applications, which can significantly reduce your deployment and installation costs. With its standard USB interface, the AP 8132 provides virtually unlimited possibilities for supporting a broad range of applications from a wide variety of developers.

The AP 8132’s unique modular architecture increases your readiness to meet your evolving needs, making it the ideal future-ready platform for deploying applications at the edge. Its innovative design accepts up to two module attachments to the base, offering you the flexibility to add new capabilities, transform the user experience and enhance the productivity of your team. And because you’re leveraging your wireless infrastructure, application deployment costs are significantly reduced since you no longer have to run separate network and power cabling.

WiFi users with tablets, smartphones and mobile computers logged onto your corporate and guest access networks can get fast speeds and highly robust connections for the best experience possible. The AP 8132 is a 3-spatial stream access point with two radios, delivering data rates of up to 450 Mbps per radio over WING 5 architecture. Whether you’re using voice, data, or bandwidth-intensive applications like HD video, you can be confident your network can handle the traffic and provide the optimum user experience.

Advanced 802.11n features such as Space Time Block Coding (STBC) and beamforming provide improved connectivity. STBC uses redundant data streams to increase successful transmissions; it also helps improve signal robustness even with the single antennas of smartphones, tablets and other size-constrained client devices. Beamforming attempts to map the characteristics of the RF channel and compensate for interference by modulating the signals such that the intended receiver experiences an improved signal-to-noise ratio compared to a standard transmission.

The AP 8132 supports voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) quality of service (QoS), ensuring toll-quality even with many simultaneous calls on a single access point. Leveraging locationing services over 802.11, the AP 8132 gives you the ability to locate and track people or assets, and even to control access to the network or applications. In addition, it’s easy to provide hotspot and guest access and assure that users can only access authorized networks, sites or applications.

The AP 8132 is a dual radio access point that gives you the flexibility to add capacity as your requirements increase. It allows you to add two expansion modules, for example, using them for security monitoring and/or new applications. In a low-density environment, you can use Radio 1 for client access on 2.4 or 5.0 GHz and the band-unlocked Radio 2 as a sensor for security monitoring. When your requirements grow, you can increase capacity by adding an expansion module to serve as the security monitoring sensor unit, and use both Radio 1 and 2 for client access. You can also add an additional module for a new application. This reduces your upfront costs while allowing simplified future expansion that doesn’t require replacing access points or installing new ones. In addition, it eliminates the need to purchase, power and manage dedicated sensors, which increases savings.

  • OPTION 1
    • Radio 1 : 2.4 GHz Client Access or 5.0 GHz Client Access
    • Radio 2 : Security Monitoring 2.4 / 5.0 GHz
    • Expansion Mode : None
  • OPTION 2
    • Radio 1 : 2.4 GHz Client Access
    • Radio 2 : 5.0 GHz Client Access
    • Expansion Mode : None
  • OPTION 3
    • Radio 1 : 2.4 GHz Client Access
    • Radio 2 : 5.0 GHz Client Access
    • Expansion Mode : Security Monitoring 2.4 / 5.0 GHz
    • With two internal radios and expansion slots that can support an additional radio, the AP 8132 gives you the flexibility to enable guest access, 24x7 spectrum monitoring and new applications on a single access point.

The AP 8132 provides the gap-free security you need to secure all your wireless transmissions, and to enable you to be in compliance with government and industry regulations such as HIPAA in healthcare and PCI in retail. Our comprehensive integrated network security features include: layer 2-7 stateful packet filtering firewall, AAA RADIUS services, wireless intrusion protection system (IPS), VPN gateway and location-based access control. You can also add role-based access control and WLAN Security Services Wireless IPS and Rogue detection for premium-level security vigilance.

Our integrated WiNG 5 WLAN operating system offers unmatched WLAN performance, scalability and flexibility. In this third generation WLAN architecture, all access points and controllers are network aware, able to collectively determine the most efficient route for wireless traffic, as well as enforce QoS and security policies. The result is a new level of wireless service quality and reliability for all your users.

A respected leader in enterprise mobility, Zebra provides service solutions that allow you to benefit from the experience we’ve gained from working around the globe with many of the world’s leading companies. We provide our expertise through services solutions that meet the peak performance needs of your business. Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides assistance at every phase of network lifecycle — from planning and implementation to post-deployment everyday support. Our services help you reduce risk, lower your capital investment, reduce your operational costs, improve service delivery and tailor your network to meet your specific needs.

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Extreme Networks


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Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola / Symbol), AP 8132, 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Radio Access Point (3x3:3 MIMO, Requires: Antenna and Power Supply, Country Code: US Sales Only)

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Extreme Networks (formerly Zebra / Motorola / Symbol), AP 8132, 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Radio Access Point (3x3:3 MIMO, Requires: Antenna and Power Supply, Country Code: Not for US Sales)

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